Young long haired man wondering about steroid addictionSteroids can be lifesaving. For example, some types of steroids help people recover from an asthma attack or poison ivy rash. Other types of steroids are damaging, frequently abused by athletes and bodybuilders. Abuse of this kind can lead to steroid addiction.

Steroid Addiction Can Happen

Steroid abuse starts because these drugs help people build muscle quickly and improve athletic ability. But these changes come at a price.

One of the first things you hear from people abusing steroids to build their physique is, “Steroids are not addictive.” This is untrue. For people abusing steroids, these drugs also quickly damage the body and cause harm.

Anabolic steroids, the abused form of these drugs, affect sexual characteristics. This means they harm or change sex organs and gender-specific attributes. In men, anabolic steroids shrink testicles, cause infertility and lead to breast tissue growth. In women, these drugs increase body hair growth, deepen the voice and cause menstrual irregularities.

Besides the gender-related physical changes, steroid abuse increases cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Acne, balding and rapid mood swings are other effects. There is also an increased chance that diabetes will develop. Despite the risks, thousands of people start abusing steroids each year.

How You Can Tell Someone Has A Steroid Addiction

Men in their 20s are the people most at risk for steroid addiction, particularly those who participate in organized sports or bodybuilding. There are signs you can look for to know if your loved one is on their way to this problem, or are already suffering steroid addiction. These signs include:

  • Rapid muscle gain within a period of two to three months
  • Increased workouts and time at the gym
  • Pill bottles in backpacks, car or gym bags
  • Presence of injection vials or needles
  • Track marks, holes in the skin
  • Increased acne

There are three common methods for using anabolic steroids–injection, pills or application of creams. The creams put off an odor that can provide a telltale sign of use. However, steroid abuse occurs, “roid rage” mood swings are one of the most obvious signs of a problem.

Drug side effects of steroid addiction may seem slight, at first. But continuing use of these dangerous drugs can cause major health problems and even death. Heart attack and stroke are common among people taking steroids.

Treatment for Steroid Addiction

If you or someone you love abuses steroids, there is a risk of addiction. This addiction requires treatment by professionals who understand the problems of steroid abuse. If the addiction itself goes untreated, it is only a matter of time until transfer to another type of drug occurs.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides steroid drug rehab that begins in detox. Detox is where you or your loved one will go through withdrawal, cleaning the body of drug toxins and side effects. These effects include depression, anxiety, concentration problems, sleep problems, headaches, low libido, and pain.

For treatment to be successful and sobriety long-term, the root causes of the addiction must be treated in rehab. These root causes may be part of a dual diagnosis treatment. Or the causes may be other problems, such as body image issues, fitness obsession or virility fears. The pathway to successful recovery is through therapies and treatments provided in rehab.

Beaches Recovery offers various levels of care for addiction treatment. These include:

Ending addiction is difficult, regardless of the substance. Treatment is very important for true recovery. Without comprehensive, accredited rehab, relapse is likely imminent. So help yourself or your loved one gain the treatment needed for a real chance of a healthy, long life.

Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 for more information about insurance acceptance and available programs. You can enjoy a better life beyond addiction. Get started now.