At one time or another, we all come in contact with drug abuse. Rare is the individual who doesn’t know someone involved directly with substance abuse and addiction. Tragedy and sadness fill the world of substance abuse. In spite of the constant war on drugs, many people know very little about addiction and how it occurs. To curtail substance abuse, people need to get a better understanding of the consequences of these issues.

How Substance Abuse and Addiction Occur

Young woman in mirror image sick of her substance abuse and addiction.It’s not always easy for any of us to identify the signs of substance abuse and addiction. If our loved ones or friends are culprits, they have high motivation to hide it from us. The truth is very few people set out to become addicts. For the most part, it occurs when people are just looking for relief from pain, stress or personal problems.

The first hit of pot, a soothing drink, or the first injection of heroin hits our pleasure sensors. If we get a pleasurable feeling, a sort of euphoria, why wouldn’t we want that feeling again? We try it again and get the same feeling and so on. Over time, the original dose won’t do the trick. So, we increase the dosage until we get the effect we desire. This is the cycle of addiction. Before long, we become desperate for our escape, and the substance exhorts its will on us.

For many addicts, that’s how it all begins. However, some individuals become addicts quite by mistake. This usually occurs with sleeping medications or painkillers, which doctors prescribe for legitimate conditions. If the pain is chronic, it makes sense that a patient might take pain medications for an extended period. Unfortunately, they will eventually need to take higher doses as the body acclimates to the substance. This all sounds innocent enough, but it’s still leads to substance abuse and addiction.

Getting Treatment for Substance Abuse and Addiction

If you or a loved one find yourselves living with an addiction, there’s only one viable solution. You will need to enlist the services of a reputable drug treatment facility such as Beaches Recovery. There’s plenty of “quick fix” solutions on the Internet, but most of them don’t work. Drug treatment facilities have stood the test of time.

Upon entering rehab, you may need to consider medical detox. Depending on the nature and depth of your addiction, you might face significant withdrawal symptoms by quitting. A medically-monitored detox process allows you to get through withdrawal with a minimum of discomfort or pain. After detox, if necessary, it’s time to get to the core of your issues. Why do you abuse drugs and alcohol?

Most counselors and clinicians use various forms of therapy to get the answers. It’s a voyage of discovery for you, the patient. As you delve into your issues, you get answers. These solutions form the basis of developing coping skills for addiction you need to avoid relapse. If you can prevent relapses, your life will improve over time.

Getting Help at Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery, we treat each patient as a unique individual. Our counselors go to great lengths to customize a treatment plan that will serve each patient well. Based on the patient’s current circumstances, we place them in one of the following treatment programs:

At the conclusion of treatment, we give our patients access to aftercare programs, including additional counseling and sober living choices.

If you feel substance abuse and addiction are destroying your life, you do have a path to freedom. The first step requires you admit you are helpless over your addiction. When you are ready to seek help, you can contact us at 866.605.0532.

Beaches Recovery is proud of our reputation as a top rehab facility. We want to help you find recovery from substance abuse and addiction. There’s a great life without drugs awaiting you.