Can Harvard Pilgrim Health Care help you pay for rehab? The answer to that question is yes! Thanks in large part to the guidelines set forth by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), your Harvard Pilgrim Health Care rehab insurance is required to cover addiction rehab services as though they were like any other injury, illness or disease.

About Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

Medial staff talking to woman about Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Rehab Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care is a regionally based health care provider in the Northeast. The company’s headquarters is located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, where they serve more than 1.3 million members in the New England area. In addition, the company serves another 1.4 million members through a subsidiary company, named Health Plans Inc., which provides services throughout the United States. Most of the company’s plans are employer-based group insurance plans for the benefit of large groups of employees. They also provide a variety of policies for families and individuals.

More About Using Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Rehab Insurance

Prior to selecting a rehab facility, it is incumbent on you to contact each facility under consideration. You and the rehab facility will determine whether or not Harvard Pilgrim Health Care rehab insurance can be used. If confirmed, any given rehab facility should be able to help you verify your insurance and determine the extent of your coverage. While the ACA requires coverage be extended, the insurance company has some leeway as to the extent they cover addiction treatment programs.

Beaches Recovery and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Rehab Insurance

Beaches Recovery, located in Jacksonville, Florida, is happy to accept patients who have access to Harvard Pilgrim Health Care rehab insurance. The professional staff at Beaches Recovery understands the critical nature of getting the best treatment possible. You do not want to worry about the costs associated with that treatment, during the initial stages. Without the proper treatment, your life will continue spiraling out of control until disaster befalls you. Your Harvard Pilgrim Health Care rehab insurance allows you to get the care you need. You’ll stay with us until you find yourself on the road to recovery.

About Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery is a JCAHO accredited rehab facility run by licensed clinicians and counselors. Prior to admission, our patients are evaluated to determine the best course of treatment. If a detox program is deemed necessary, we have an established relationship with an excellent detox facility in the area.

Once ready for admission, our patients are placed into one of our custom treatment programs. Based on the patient’s needs, we offer the following options:

All of our programs are designed to educate patients about their addiction. At the same time, we will provide them with the life skills and management tools they need to uncover mental health issues and avoid relapse.

During their stay, our patients will work with professional counselors in both individual and group therapy sessions. We also provide a range of activities to both motivate and stimulate our patients to find other interests. The hope is these other interests will ultimately replace their need to abuse drugs and/or alcohol. Our facility accepts many major insurance programs as well as a wide range of other payment options.

If you or a loved one are suffering from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, you need to know you can beat your addiction. Once you are ready to admit you are in the throes of an illness, the next step would be to reach out and call us at 8666050532. The staff here at Beaches Recovery is dedicated to helping people just like you find their way to recovery and a better life into the future.