Addiction can affect anyone who misuses prescription drugs or uses illicit substances. Teens and adults, men and women, and religious and nonreligious persons can develop the disease. Treatment programs with roots in faith help thousands of people overcome addiction every year. A Christian addiction recovery program can offer unique guidance.

About a Christian Addiction Recovery Program

Group bowing heads at a Christian addiction recovery programFaith-based treatment can help people with ties to religion connect with their higher power to defeat addiction. As a specialty program, it encourages spiritual growth throughout the treatment process. A Christian program, in particular, encourages building on the relationship that people already have with a god.

One of the most well-known examples of a spiritual addiction program is Alcoholics Anonymous. This support group focuses on faith and submitting to a higher power. Several of the 12 Steps of AA in its handbook, and the Serenity Prayer at the beginning of meetings mention God. It has helped millions of people since its founding in the early 1900s.

Faith-Based Program Treatment Methods

Religion is a critical element of a faith-based addiction program. However, standard treatment methods are just as vital. Because of that, a Christian program will include a mix of evidence-based practices, holistic and religious services.

Like other addiction treatment programs, medical detox is the first step. It will include medications and other services that help people manage cravings and other withdrawal symptoms. Detox also includes monitoring vitals and preventing life-threatening complications. The goal is to keep people as comfortable and safe as possible.

A Christian addiction recovery program begins therapy as soon as people are stable from medical detox. It includes family, group, and one-on-one counseling sessions. During the sessions, however, therapists use a range of techniques that help people depending on their unique needs.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), for instance, is a common technique in all addiction treatment programs. It engages people to change distorted ways of thinking so that they have more positive feelings and behaviors. CBT also helps them develop skills to avoid and deal with stress and triggers.

Holistic healing methods are also useful during faith-based treatment. Mindfulness, for example, can clear people’s minds so that they can focus on recovery and getting closer to their God. It can also help them find peace through that relationship.

Aside from the typical rehab treatments, a Christian addiction recovery program incorporates religious activities. It sets space and time apart for prayer, scripture readings, and spiritual discussion. People can also worship as part of their treatment plans.

Also, this specialized treatment emphasizes community. The emotional support that people experience empowers them to stay sober.

The Effectiveness of Spiritual Addiction Treatment

In most cases, a Christian addiction recovery program is effective because the participants already have a foundation in the religion. They have a spiritual connection with a God. The treatment builds upon that relationship to help them achieve recovery.

The primary challenge is finding a rehab center that integrates the traditional treatments and teachings of Christianity well. The two elements have to work together to establish a firm groundwork for sobriety. When it’s successful, the treatment can reduce anxiety, build social support and tolerance to stress, and improve optimism in life. Without that, people become vulnerable to relapse.

However, a Christian program isn’t ideal for people who don’t already follow the religion. They could feel like the treatment center aims to convert them, which impedes their recovery. Instead, those who seek spiritual-based treatment should look for addiction support groups and facilities that harmonize with their beliefs.

The Right Treatment for You at Beaches Recovery

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