Are you worried about the clinic-like atmosphere that you find at so many drug rehab facilities? When you select a luxury drug rehab center in Florida instead, you heal from addiction in a resort-style setting. Beaches Recovery defines this treatment model for people with or without insurance. After all, you shouldn’t have to be a celebrity to enjoy the amenities of a top-tier rehab setup.

You Don’t Have to Be Wealthy to Heal at a Luxury Drug Rehab Center in Florida

Man with a beard looking out the window of his luxury drug rehab center in FloridaBeaches Recovery is a luxury drug rehab center in Florida. Because it participates in industry regulation, it received the Joint Commission accreditation. Moreover, it entered into affiliations with the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Therefore, a large number of insurance providers support the work that goes on at this luxury drug rehab center.

Examples include Cigna, First Choice Health, and Magellan Health. Many other insurers also offer benefits to program participants at Beaches Recovery. If you need help finding out what benefits you’re eligible to receive, an intake advisor can help you. By the way, the facility also takes cash, which is crucial for executive rehab participants who want anonymity.

Evidence-Based Treatments are at the Heart of Effective Recovery

Beaches Recovery is the luxury drug rehab center in Florida that caters to your needs. First responders with traumatic experiences in their backgrounds have requirements that differ from executives with high-stress levels. Rather than lumping everyone into the same groups, therapists pinpoint your care needs. Most importantly, they customize your individual healing experiences.

As a result, your rehab may look completely different from someone else’s. Due to this individualized care, you undergo treatments that suit you. Possible interventions include:

  • Men and women’s drug rehab that pinpoints strengths and builds on them
  • Group and one-on-one therapy sessions for drug education and relapse prevention strategy planning
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, which benefits participants who struggle with co-occurring psychiatric issues such as anxiety or bipolar disorder
  • Family therapy as a way to regain trust with loved ones and establish healthy interpersonal dynamics
  • Behavioral treatments that let you exchange improper stress responses with healthy ones
  • Trauma therapy as a way to overcome situations from the past that affect your current thoughts, actions, and emotions
  • Discharge planning that helps you envision a future without drug abuse

What Puts the “Luxury” in a Luxury Drug Rehab Center?

You already know that Beaches Recovery is affordable, commits to the highest level of care, and offers solid therapeutic interventions. Furthermore, you receive the care that your situation calls for. However, that’s not all. A set of amenities differentiates this facility from clinics with a distinctive hospital feel.

Examples include:

  • Progressive treatments such as bowling therapy as a way to engage actively with peers in recovery
  • Equine therapy that offers proven experiential advantages for people in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse
  • Creativity-boosting activities such as art or music therapy participation for stress reduction and relaxation
  • Fitness therapy that combines nutritional counseling with personal training to get you back to a healthy lifestyle

To qualify as the best inpatient luxury drug rehab center in Florida, Beaches Recovery offers a dual path to healing. A traditional 12-Step course introduces a spiritual component to your recovery. You participate in a program that helps countless individuals around the world. This program will be there for you long after discharge from the facility.

However, a non-12-Step approach may appeal to you more. There’s no right or wrong choice. For some, self-accountability is a stronger motivator than assistance from a higher power. That’s why this luxury drug rehab center supports both paths with therapeutic interventions.

How to Reach out for Help

Beaches Recovery is the luxury drug rehab center in Florida that people trust. Caring therapists with years of experience work with you to provide you with every opportunity for healing. You don’t have to keep using the drugs that are slowly destroying your life. Contact our luxury drug rehab center today by calling 866.605.0532 now.