Finding A Kings Point, FL Rehab Program May Not Be Your Best OptionIn South Florida, heroin use has reached near epidemic levels. While other illegal drugs have become less common, substances like cocaine and meth are still an issue to many in the area struggling with drug addiction.   If you live in South Florida, it can be tempting to only look at a local FL rehab program, like one in Kings Point. If you’re only looking at local options, though, there’s a chance that your treatment center of choice could negatively impact your recovery.

Why A Kings Point, FL Rehab Program Might Not Work For You

Addiction treatment is about more than just the programs you take and who you work with. A treatment centers location, for example, can greatly alter how much you get out of your recovery experience. If you stay too close to home, the familiar surroundings and friendly faces might deter you during rehab and keep you from healing like you should.

Being in Kings Point for treatment could result in you being triggered to use. Familiar surroundings can remind people of situations or feelings that once led them to a life of addiction. Early in treatment, if you’re unable to distance yourself from those reminders, you’re more likely to let triggers tempt you into relapse. If you’re familiar enough with Kings Point, you’re going to know exactly where to get your drug of choice as well, which could make relapse a very real possibility.

Friends and loved ones can also change how well your recovery goes. If you’re too physically close to them during treatment, you may find yourself focusing on them during your recovery instead of focusing on your own needs. In some cases, they could unintentionally cause you to leave treatment before you’ve learned everything you needed to. Although it can be a little overwhelming at first, getting distance from them during your rehabilitation can be highly beneficial to you.

Where To Go For A FL Rehab Program Instead Of Kings Point

You don’t need to leave Florida to find the help you require. Beaches Recovery offers a Jacksonville, FL rehab program to guests that come from all over the United States. At our 90-bed facility, you’ll work with medical professionals who are trained to help you through the worst of your rehabilitation process. They will meet with you on a regular basis to determine how your recovery is going and if your experience needs to be altered in any way.

As you progress through our FL rehab program, you’ll learn about yourself and how to handle stresses without relying on addictive substances. Our staff will help you discover coping mechanisms that work for you, even when you’re at your most stressed. They will also guide you through the process of building strong personal relationships with others.

Our guests have the option of entering both traditional and holistic programs. By combining traditional methods of recovery like group therapy and one-on-one counseling with holistic options like art therapy, we provide our guests with the most well-rounded care. When you enter our facility, you get to decide what programs you’d like to try and they can all be adapted to what you need.

Travel Away From Kings Point To Find The FL Rehab Program You Need

If you live in South Florida, Kings Point isn’t going to provide you with the rehab program you need. Beaches Recovery can offer you the professional care and treatment options that are best suited for you. Call us today at 8666050532 to learn more about our facility and how we can be a part of your journey to sobriety.