Help for Those Struggling with Alcohol Abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Positive Steps If You Are Struggling with Alcohol Abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, help is available. No one needs to deal with the illness of addiction alone, and rehab centers can provide the resources, support and therapy needed to succeed in a lifetime of sobriety. Keep in mind that the best place to get help for alcohol abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, isn’t necessarily the closest facility. Taking the time to find the best rehab center can be the difference between lasting sobriety and relapse. The rehab process consists of four major steps:

Step 1: Admitting There is a Problem

Admitting that you struggle with alcohol abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, means that you’ve already taken the first step toward recovery. Taking that first step, and admitting that alcohol use has become abuse or addiction, isn’t always easy. However, it’s an integral part of lasting recovery.

Once you have determined that there’s a problem, you can get serious about finding help. Keep in mind that in South Florida, you aren’t alone. Baby boomers, in particular, are filling up rehab spots in the Palm Beach Gardens area, and many of these individuals only develop addictions later in life, with 40% saying they weren’t abusers until after 48.

Step 2: Venturing Beyond Palm Beach Gardens, FL

In order to tackle addiction entirely, professional help is vital. Although patients can try to quit all alcohol consumption cold turkey, these approaches are seldom successful. Withdrawal can be challenging and should be carefully monitored. Keep in mind that the risk of relapse is higher without medical supervision, counseling and proper treatment.

It’s natural, once you’re committed to the idea of an alcohol rehab facility, to look for a location close to where you live. However, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, may not be the best place for your recovery. That’s because staying local may create unnecessary temptations, making it harder to wipe your slate clean and get the fresh start you deserve.

Step 3: Finding a Reputable Rehab Center

Widening your search parameters and looking beyond Palm Beach Gardens for addiction treatment is smart, but it can make the process feel overwhelming because there are so many different options available. If location is important to you, then consider staying in Florida. You’ll still get the fresh start for recovery, but you can access rehab with a short drive and get visits from friends and family.

Getting away from the alcohol abuse in Palm Beach Gardens in great, but you’ll still want to make sure that any rehab center you attend offers all the right therapies, treatments and levels of care. This might mean a comprehensive approach to recovery that includes nutritional care, fitness therapies and spiritual development. It might also mean adhering to evidence-based treatment methods like pharmacology, cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy.

Step 4: Taking Advantage of Aftercare Services

The best rehab centers for alcohol addiction will include an aftercare component. This element is integral for lasting recovery, since it helps the principles of rehab carry on long after the program has ended. For you, the best means of aftercare might include weekly phone sessions with a trusted therapist, local 12-step meetings or a sober living facility and employment assistance so that you can enjoy a healthy, independent lifestyle.

Escape the alcohol abuse in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, with a fresh start at Beaches Recovery. Located in Jacksonville, and just four hours north of Palm Beach Gardens, our facility offers an array of treatment methods and therapies that can give you back control over your life. Call 8666050532 to combat your alcohol addiction once and for all.