Drug Treatment Centers in Georgia May Not Be the Wisest Choice for Her.If you’re a Georgia resident and you or someone you love is struggling with a drug addiction, then you might be on the lookout for the best drug treatment centers in Georgia. Unfortunately, it can be hard to narrow down the countless options available. Plus, in many cases the best choice for Georgia residents will actually be out of state! Explore how to find the best drug treatment center and what the key attributes to look for will be.

Reasons to Avoid Drug Treatment Centers in Georgia

Whether you live in Atlanta, Savannah, or anywhere in between, it is natural to assume that drug treatment centers in Georgia are the smart choice. In reality, however, drug treatment centers in Georgia can be a mistake for those aiming to end a drug addiction. In addition to serious drug use statistics for the state, there may be some drawbacks to staying close to familiar temptations.

To start, a recent White House Report shows that seven percent of Georgia residents have used illegal drugs in the past month. In addition, there are several counties in Georgia that are considered to be HIDTAs, or high intensity drug trafficking areas. While this means plenty of drug users and therefore drug treatment centers, it may not be the ideal place to seek recovery and long-term sobriety.

Also, those who live in Georgia might not want to attend drug treatment so close to home. Although local rehab centers might seem convenient at first glance, they don’t create enough of a barrier between patients and their drug use routines. Increased distance and a new environment can make it more difficult to relapse and easier to succeed.

Pay Close Attention to Treatment Methods

If you’re looking for the best drug treatment centers in Georgia, or indeed in any state, one of the most important things to look at is the range of treatment methods. Above all else, the best facilities will rely on evidence-based treatment. These methods are scientifically proven to be the most effective, so this is a key element of any rehab curriculum.

There are several evidence-based treatment methods that can combat drug addiction. These can include things like one-on-one behavioral therapy, group counseling and dual diagnosis treatment for any mental health problems. To supplement proven treatment methods, things like nutritional therapy and fitness therapy can also be effective for many patients.

If you’re struggling to find rehab facilities in Georgia that emphasize evidence-based treatment, then it may make sense to look beyond the state lines and consider widening the search to include neighboring states.

Consider Amenities and Appeal

Rehab isn’t a vacation, and it requires lots of hard work. However, patients may be able to get more out of the program, and be more inclined to start in the first place, if the rehab facility boasts appealing amenities. Furthermore, amenities that encourage social activities and fitness can actually be helpful for sobriety. Top amenities to look for may include:

  • Beach access
  • Outdoor activities like swimming, surfing or hiking
  • Communal social areas
  • Equine therapy facilities

Advantages of Leaving Georgia and Seeking Treatment in the Sunshine State

Leaving drug treatment centers in Georgia behind can be a smart move for those serious about recovery. Heading instead to the Sunshine State is about more than just increased Vitamin D. It can also be a psychological fresh start and a chance to create new healthy habits that can last a lifetime.

If you’re searching for the best drug treatment centers, leaving Georgia for Jacksonville FL, could be the right decision. Call Beaches Recovery at 8666050532 to explore your recovery options and begin taking back your life!