No two people have the same experience with drug addiction even if they use the same substance. Similarly, their treatment plans will be different based on their experiences. Since they have different needs, Fort Lauderdale residents need to know what to look for in a treatment center. It also helps if they know what to expect from a drug rehab center in Fort Lauderdale Florida or elsewhere.

What to Look for in an Addiction Rehab Center

Man looking angry may need drug rehab center in Fort Lauderdale FloridaThe search for a certified rehab facility is the first step toward getting addiction treatment. A center in Fort Lauderdale is just one option. There are many reputable facilities near Jacksonville and other Florida cities as well as other states across the country.

It’s important for residents of Fort Lauderdale to consider the location thoroughly because it can affect their treatment. For instance, visiting a local center will allow them to see supportive family and friends during the process. However, traveling for treatment takes them away from the triggers that influence their drug use. It provides more of a fresh start and increases focus for those who need it.

Paying for rehab in FL is another consideration, but it shouldn’t make or break people’s decision to get help. It’s ideal to find a drug rehab center in Fort Lauderdale Florida or elsewhere that accepts their health insurance. Rehab is a necessary expense that saves lives. Insurance coverage makes it more affordable.

Fort Lauderdale residents should look closely at the programs and services that the treatment facility offers as well. It needs to provide treatment for the specific drug addiction that they have. It must also customize their treatment plans according to their unique needs. To that end, the facility must have a range of evidence-based practices and holistic services.

Also, it’s important for residents of Fort Lauderdale to feel comfortable during treatment. They can take a virtual tour of the facility before enrollment. Talking with some of the staff members can give them an idea of how comfortable they’ll be during treatment.

What to Expect at a Drug Rehab Center in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Since no two people have the same addiction treatment plan, it’s difficult to predict precisely what they should expect. Aside from the specifics, treatment follows a general guideline and offers basic services.


Upon arriving at the treatment center, Fort Lauderdale residents talk with an admissions coordinator, nurse, and therapist. The staff will conduct physical and mental assessments to gauge the level of care that people need. The assessments include questions about health as well as blood or urine tests. Then, they can develop a treatment plan.


The next phase is on to detox to clear the toxins that alcohol and drugs leave in people’s bodies. Since it involves stopping drug use, withdrawal is imminent. The medical team at a drug rehab center in Fort Lauderdale Florida or elsewhere can treat the symptoms.

The staff members may use medications to treat alcohol and opioid cravings and other withdrawal side effects. They could administer antinausea medicines for flu-like symptoms and other prescriptions to treat anxiety and depression. Holistic healing methods might also be useful to improve these side effects and reduce stress.


Therapy is another essential part of addiction treatment. Some examples of what to expect in a drug rehab center in Fort Lauderdale Florida or elsewhere include:

Therapists choose the best techniques for each person’s needs. During inpatient rehab, they could schedule group therapy every day and one-on-one therapy every other day. The frequency of counseling for people in outpatient rehab will vary depending on the level of care they need.

Alcohol and Drug Treatment at Beaches Recovery

If you’re a Fort Lauderdale resident with an alcohol or drug addiction, many resources are available. Beaches Recovery offers comprehensive drug rehab in Jacksonville FL. Our full continuum of care can address every aspect of your well-being. Our range of programs can treat many substance use disorders, including:

At Beaches Recovery, we want to make sure that you get the level of care you need. That’s why we feature residential drug rehab and various levels of outpatient care. We also use several therapy techniques such as trauma and family counseling. Our team even makes rehab fun through art, music, bowling and hiking therapies.

Don’t restrict your search for treatment to a drug rehab center in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Take a tour of Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville. Dial 866.605.0532 to learn more about our facility.