Beaches Recovery knows that addiction isn’t a choice. It’s not your fault because drugs rewire your brain to become dependent on them. Trying to quit alone is tough and possibly dangerous depending on the withdrawal symptoms. But Tallahassee residents do have control over one choice–seeking aid. Quality addiction treatment is the best move to get and stay clean long-term. If you’re exploring inpatient drug rehab Tallahassee Florida options, leaving the capital behind can be useful. Our 90-bed, oceanfront Jacksonville center will help you find sobriety in comfort without hometown distractions.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Tallahassee Florida vs. Jacksonville

Young man praying for inpatient drug rehab Tallahassee FloridaTallahassee natives searching for the right rehab fit should look beyond Leon County. The most exceptional facilities aren’t necessarily located right down the road. Few inpatient drug rehab Tallahassee Florida choices hold the same excellent standards as Beaches Recovery. Our facility is accredited by The Joint Commission and accepted by most insurances. Therefore, traveling only 2.5 hours to the East Coast can provide the best chance at a fresh start. Jacksonville is just far enough away to remove the temptation of running home. You’ll be more likely to keep motivated and stick with our program.

Plus, successful drug rehab frequently requires removal from your regular social routine. Inpatient drug rehab Tallahassee Florida centers won’t put much-needed distance between you and bad influences. Beaches Recovery offers a warm, cozy Atlantic escape from triggers haunting you in Tallahassee. We pride ourselves on giving clients privacy the whole time they’re healing. You won’t have to fear the embarrassment of seeing people you know in Jacksonville. In other words, your personal and professional reputation won’t likely be tarnished by the rehab stigma. The Beaches team believes a new location will give you a new lease on drug-free living.

Types of Inpatient Drug Rehab Tallahassee Florida Treatments

At Beaches Recovery, we value our clients’ differences. That’s why we customize treatment for every resident of Tallahassee that comes to Jacksonville. Inpatient drug rehab Tallahassee Florida chooses can’t compare to our broad spectrum of addiction treatment services. We usually start with detox at Tides Edge to safely get you through acute withdrawal. For three to 28 days, the detoxification process will flush chemicals from your body under a physician’s care. Next, your in-depth evaluation will help the Beaches Recovery clinicians pick the right course of action for your addiction treatment. We’ve grouped various therapies like CBT, EMDR, and SMART Recovery into tailored programs, such as:

Leaving land-locked Tallahassee for Beaches Recovery offers plenty of fun in the sun too. Our Jacksonville center replaces drug cravings with adrenaline rushes. We specialize in therapeutic adventure to get clients excited and active again. Beach access allows for surfing, swimming, and fishing. Community volleyball games can help Tallahassee residents make new friends here. For the more creative, we also deliver music and art therapy indoors or out. Our supportive staff wants to make the world your oyster with opportunities to soothe the stress of rehab.

Goals for Residential Drug Rehab at Beaches

However, Beaches Recovery strives for more than an entertaining, tropical getaway. We’re serious about welcoming Tallahassee natives into a community of hope. Getting you committed to lasting lifestyle changes is our highest mission. First, we want to stabilize your body from the fog of drugs. This lays the firm foundation for addressing the roots of addiction. Our second step is working through emotional feelings in psychotherapy. Healing the mind from past traumas will help you face the future with better clarity. After the body and mind, our last holistic stage is your spirit. Here our goal is to give you a more positive outlook on self-esteem, happiness, and purpose.

Come to Stay and Play in Jacksonville for Effective Rehab

Don’t keep fighting the uphill battle against addiction alone. Beaches Recovery is a leading residential drug rehab center in Jacksonville FL that welcomes Tallahassee residents. Our cutting-edge facility uses the latest addiction methods in a fresh environment where you can be anonymous. When you’re making an inpatient drug rehab Tallahassee Florida decision, pick our top-rated center. Contact Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 to begin the admission process.