Residential treatment centers in Atlanta May Not work for HerResidential treatment centers in Atlanta are often the first choice for individuals in Georgia who need of addiction treatment. However, it’s important not to sacrifice rehab quality for convenience. If you’re looking for residential treatment centers in Atlanta, don’t forget to consider some alternatives that can deliver a better range of treatments and higher success rates for patients.

Consider the Advantages of Leaving Home for Rehab

It’s a common misconception that treating addictions close to home will result in higher rates of successful sobriety. In reality, leaving home for treatment can mean higher program completion rates, far fewer temptations and a stronger commitment to the program.

When patients are attending inpatient or even outpatient rehab programs just minutes from home, they have a safety net that is built in. If the program gets too tough, they can easily leave and find friends or family who will offer a place to stay. While these loved ones might mean well, this is an act of enabling. For that reason, individuals without a safety net, and who attend rehab a few hours from home, see higher rates of program completion.

Another problem with staying too close to home during rehab is that all the familiar temptations will be nearby. Rejecting cravings is hard to do, but creating some physical space from familiar triggers can make it easier. It’s also important not to overlook the value of a fresh start and the perspective that a new environment can offer patients during recovery.

The Risks of Staying in Atlanta for Addiction Treatment

One of the biggest risks of staying in the capital of Georgia for addiction treatment is that drug and alcohol use is incredibly high in the city. There’s a reason that there are so many residential treatment centers in Atlanta. One look at the statistics shows that there are a lot of users and drug crimes in the area.

According to the US Department of Justice, the principal drugs threats in Atlanta are the production of methamphetamine and the abuse of cocaine. Cocaine availability in the city is growing, and prices are dropping, which means more addiction and higher number of overdoses and fatalities. Because of problematic drug abuse in Atlanta, many individuals could do better leaving the city for recovery. A fresh environment often helps patients avoid relapse and steer clear of these common temptations.

Widen the Search for Better Results

Limiting the search parameters to only find residential treatment centers in Atlanta means missing out on other opportunities that might not be far away. In the quest for sobriety, settling for rehab programs that aren’t excellent should never be an option. Rather than hoping that Atlanta is home to a residential treatment center that meets all the right criteria, widen the search and guarantee that the results are suitable for lasting, successful recovery.

Alternatives to Residential Treatment Centers in Atlanta

Once prospective patients and their loved ones have opened up to the idea of attending residential addiction treatment outside of Atlanta, there’s a whole world of opportunity to choose from. Often, the best alternative will be a location that’s just a few hours away. This delivers the much-needed distance while still being close enough for family therapy. Additional things to look for in the search for rehab include:

  • The option of gender-specific programs
  • Varying levels of care
  • Aftercare programs for continued support
  • Accreditation and a positive reputation
  • Range of treatment methods for comprehensive care

The convenience of residential treatment centers in Atlanta might be tempting, but the best choice for patients is often away from home. For warmth, scenery and location, Lakeview Health in Jacksonville, Florida, is an ideal pick. Call 8666050532 for the support and resources you’ll need on your journey to sobriety.