An Addiction Recovery Group such as AA is an invaluable tool for staying sober.It’s quite common for those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction to want to isolate or try to recover on their own. More often than not, a person trying to battle addiction on their own will relapse. When dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, many people don’t realize how powerful the disease actually is, which is why it takes the support of an addiction recovery group to stay sober. This can be difficult because the disease of addiction may make a person think less of themselves, or it may make a person very anti-social, but recovery involves meeting others who understand addiction and having support when you need it the most. The proof of how crucial a support group is dates back to the 1930s when people first started experiencing long-term recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous as an Addiction Recovery Group

People have been struggling with drug and alcohol addiction since the days of ancient Egypt and Rome when people were crushing grapes into wine and using opium in the far East. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to help people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Medical professionals were able to help people with their physical dependence by providing medications that helped with detox, but most people would relapse and have to return. This left the medical community completely baffled as to how a person could keep going back to a substance that’s clearly ruining their life.

In the 1930s, the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous found that the best way to help another person struggling with an addiction is with an addiction recovery group. Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob would go and find others who were struggling with addiction, and after sharing their stories, a person would see that it was possible to recover. There’s a bond and connection that people have who struggle with addiction, and it gives a person hope when they’re able to see others have been able to overcome similar issues.

Addiction Recovery Group Therapy

Today, group therapy works in a similar fashion. At a qualified addiction treatment center, you’ll go through individual therapy, which is important to discuss certain private issues, but peer support is unparalleled. When you’re in therapy in a group setting, the first thing you’ll realize is that you’re not alone. In this setting, you’ll begin to hear how others have not only been through similar situations that you’ve been through, but they’ve felt the way that you’ve felt. Many people in their addiction feel alone and like nobody understands what they’re going through. This is part of the magic that happens in a therapeutic group at an addiction treatment center.

Through these types of addiction recovery group sessions, you’ll begin to get the support and caring of others that you need in order to stay sober. Not only will your peers be able to help you through difficult times in your recovery, but you’ll begin to find meaning and purpose by being able to help others when they’re struggling as well. Some of the bonds that you make in these groups will last a lifetime.

Creating a Foundation of Recovery

Beaches Recovery is here to provide you with the care and support that you need in order to experience long-lasting recovery. We have a variety of different addiction treatment services, and we highly encourage the group aspect of recovery. We want you to see that you no longer have to battle your addiction to drugs or alcohol on your own, and we’ll help give you the tools you need to live the life that you deserve. Give us a call today at 8666050532 for more information about our addiction recovery group program.