For the most part, people don’t just randomly decide to start abusing substances. Most addicts become addicts because they are looking for something that’s missing inside of themselves. Knowing people who abuse substances have personal issues makes is easier to understand why drug addiction therapy is essential. Any attempts a person makes to stop using without getting therapy is on course for failure.

About Drug Addiction Therapy

Young man on sofa talking to counselor during drug addiction therapy.Upon entering a treatment facility and after detox, patients move on to the therapy portion of treatment. Drug addiction therapy can take many forms. There are all kinds of treatment options such as group therapy, holistic treatment and various creative types of experiential therapy. By far, individual therapy stands as the flagship of any reputable drug addiction therapy program.

Experts define individual therapy as a one-on-one interaction between the patient and his or her counselor or clinician. In a closed door, personal environment, the hope is the counselor can motivate the patient to open up about their problems and issues. Getting to the causes of addiction is the cornerstone of counseling and therapy. Counselors can usually accomplish this through intensive therapy sessions without having to press the patient to express him or herself.

At a premier treatment center like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, our counselors will customize each patient’s treatment plan. At their disposal will usually be a wide range of treatment options. From this list, a counselor will want to select a drug addiction therapy modality that fits the patient’s circumstances.

The Benefits of Drug Addiction Therapy

Some experts believe it’s not necessary to know why one chooses to abuse drugs. Unfortunately, that seems like saying it’s not essential to understanding why kleptomaniacs steal. It makes far more sense that treatment is only valid if it truly addresses the issues at hand.

If the patient is cooperative, there’s a reasonable chance they will learn the truth about their addiction. Understanding why they abuse drugs creates a level of awareness that’s invaluable as drug addiction therapy continues.

Sometimes, counselors learn about other mental health issues that could be driving the patient’s addiction. When this occurs, the counselor must immediately decide whether the patient might benefit from dual diagnosis treatment. This process allows counselors and psychologists to address the patient’s co-occurring disorders at the same time. It’s of little value to discuss only one side of the issue given the likelihood the other side may interfere with recovery.

Ultimately, therapy sets the table for recovery. The actual treatment of any condition requires action on behalf of the patient. With addiction, the patient is usually required to develop the coping skills necessary to live life on life’s terms. That means being able to handle stress and avoid negative triggers that often derail recovery.

Therapy Programs at Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery, we prefer to focus on helping patients resolve their issues. To this end, we offer a full slate of treatment options. When indicated, our clinicians might choose to send new patients into detox. By the eliminating dangerous toxins and the body’s craving with detox, patients are better able to handle treatment. When treatment has concluded, our concern does not end. We are proud to provide aftercare programs such as access to additional counseling, sober living, and transitional living.

We deliver our customized treatment with the following treatment options:

Addiction is a progressive illness that could drive you to prison, insanity or death. Before you give up even one more moment of your life to drugs, consider getting help. Beaches Recovery has all the resources and treatment options you’ll need to start your recovery. After admitting you need help, your next step should be to contact us at 866.605.0532. You are the key to your recovery. All you have to do is want a better life than the one you have as an addict.