Mindfulness based stress reduction therapy lets you recognize that you have a choice. You no longer feel like you’re the victim of circumstances. But why does this treatment work so well? How do Beaches Recovery experts integrate it into your personalized rehab?

What is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy?

This modality is a combination of guided breathing techniques and intentional movements. It creates a type of awareness that grounds you in the present. You no longer focus on the failures of the past. Similarly, you don’t leap ahead and worry about possible mistakes you might make in the future.

The Connection between Stress and Addiction

Yoga is a mindfulness based stress reduction therapyUnhealthy responses to stress are one of the reasons why people reach for a drug or alcohol. You’re dealing with a situation that’s tough to handle. You need something to take the edge off. A substance can provide the level of stress relief you’re looking for.

Due to the repetitive nature of the drug abuse, you develop a physical dependence. Even after breaking the physiological dependency, you still want to fall back into the habit of using. These are cravings, which put you at risk for relapse.

Many people experience frustration at this point in their recovery. Therapists understand that you feel like you should be passed the stage of having cravings. However, that’s not the way addiction recovery works. Cravings are a part of your thought processes.

Mindfulness based stress reduction therapy puts you in the driver’s seat of your choices. You recognize that a craving is a passing response to a strong stimulus. Furthermore, you understand that you have the power to say no. Above all, you can choose to respond to the stress differently.

How Evidence-Based Treatments Augment Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Therapy

Of course, it’s not enough to know that you can make different choices. The goal of a successful rehab experience is to provide you with ways to act on this understanding. Beaches Recovery therapists incorporate a variety of treatments to do so. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that empowers you to discover dysfunctional thoughts and actions you commonly deal with
  • Dialectical behavior therapy as a way to face a stressful situation that you can’t change
  • Trauma therapy, which gives you the confidence to cope with stress and triggers differently
  • Dual diagnosis treatment that helps you manage co-occurring mental health challenges
  • Fitness therapy that supports your commitment to return to a healthy lifestyle without substance abuse

These treatments work in tandem to strengthen your resolve to quit. They let you break the psychological hold that the addiction has on your mind. As you do so, mindfulness based stress reduction therapy is the modality that ties many of the other disciplines together. Finally, you learn that while disappointments and stress will be a part of life, drug abuse doesn’t have to be.

What’s the Best Way to Receive Treatment?

Customization is the key element to success at Beaches Recovery. This understanding doesn’t limit itself to the therapeutic interventions you undergo. It also has to do with the way that therapists deliver care. For the majority of program participants, a residential drug rehab stay is the best option.

You spend days and evenings at the rehab center. As you immerse yourself in the therapeutic atmosphere, you also begin to build friendships with peers. Doing so is essential if you’ve isolated yourself from others. It’s a crucial aspect of recovery.

However, some people do better with a partial hospitalization program. You spend the day at the facility and undergo therapy. At night, when others settle in for board games or hang-out times, you return home. It’s a good option when you have a stable, safe living situation with a supportive family and peer group.

Program participants with a more moderate substance abuse problem can benefit from an intensive outpatient program. You continue going to work and meeting your family obligations. Rehab takes a part-time approach. As you progress through the treatment, you overcome the hold that the drug has on you.

Find out which treatment model is right for you. In the process, discover how mindfulness based stress reduction therapy could change your life. An addiction specialist is waiting for your call. Contact Beaches Recovery today by calling 866.605.0532 now.