When people abuse drugs, they can become dependent on them. Those who are dealing with a physical drug dependency can have a hard time getting and staying sober. If you or a loved one is using any addictive substance, you can become physically dependent. If you do, you can get help, but you first have to be aware that you have a drug dependency.

What Is A Physical Drug Dependency?

Handful of pills can lead to physical drug dependencyWhen someone first uses a drug, his or her body has a specific reaction to it. The reaction depends on the drug. Over time, the effects of the drug weaken. That’s because people build up a tolerance to drugs and alcohol if they use or abuse it regularly.

If someone becomes tolerant of a drug, he or she may take more of it. Their goal is to experience the same effects as before. While they might be successful, they can also start developing a physical drug dependency.

People who have a physical drug dependency will experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. Those withdrawal symptoms depend on the drug, how long they’ve been using it, and how much they ingest when using. Some people only experience mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms. Other people may need help to get sober.

Drug dependency is different from an addiction. People who struggle with addiction continue to abuse drugs even if there are adverse consequences. This can include health problems, an inability to meet job or social requirements, and money problems. People who have a drug dependency can usually stop using if there are bad consequences. If they don’t quit using, addiction is the next step for them.

You can recover from addiction and drug dependency. However, those who struggle with either may need help to get and stay sober.

Treating Physical Drug Dependency

There are treatment centers around the United States that help people recover from physical drug dependency. These centers offer different programs that promote life-long sobriety.

Some treatment centers focus on whole person recovery. Treatment centers like that will offer programs that help people recover mentally and physically. Some of the programs they provide include:

People with a drug dependency need to start with a detox program. During detox, they’ll work through most, if not all, of their withdrawal symptoms. Detox usually lasts 1 to 2 weeks, but it can take longer.

Some people may need a medical detox. During that time, they will be given medication to curb the pain of some of their withdrawal symptoms. Some treatment centers that offer detox will have both drug and medical alcohol detox. You should find a treatment center that helps with the specific drug you’re using so they can provide you with the care that will work.

A Treatment Center That Can Help You Get And Stay Sober

Beaches Recovery helps people with different types of drug dependencies get and stay sober. We offer detox, rehab, and aftercare programs to everyone who starts their sobriety journey with us.

The programs you enter will be chosen to fit your needs. Before you enter our facility, we’ll sit down and talk with you about your drug use, your health, and your personal history. That will help us determine what detox and rehab programs will be right for you. We will also work with you throughout the recovery process to ensure that you’re learning what you need to know to stay sober once you leave.

Physical drug dependency can be hard to overcome. Don’t let the difficulty keep you from getting sober. You can reach out to people that will help you start and stay on a path to sobriety. Call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532 to begin that journey today.