We, as a collective body of people from all over the world, face a large list of important issues. At the top of this list, we will most likely find drug dependency. For many people and families, drug issues become a tragedy that affects their lives in far too many ways. With the proliferation of illicit drugs all over the world, we find that each generation is facing issues they are ill-prepared to deal with without help.

Drug Dependency in the USYoung woman crying because of her drug dependency.

In the United States, drug users have both the resources to buy drugs and they seem to have unfettered access to get whatever they want. This is a dangerous combination of factors that affect the country as a whole. Years ago, it was the menace LSD that almost destroyed an entire generation of young people. In the late 70s and early 80s, cocaine became the drug of choice. Then it was heroin, followed by meth and today, people are abusing prescription painkillers in record numbers.

As a nation, we can’t assume drug dependency is only an issue for the user. When the cycle of addiction rules a user’s life, it affects their family, friends, and workplace. For society, the increase in drug trafficking and crime weighs heavily on one city after another. The reality is that drug dependency has the ability to destroy the very fiber upon which we built this country.

Dealing With Drug Dependency

For decades now, drug and alcohol treatment centers have stood as the protectors of lives in America. Through a variety of treatment models, licensed counselors have given millions of drug users the opportunity to get past their drug dependency on the way to addiction recovery and a better way of living.

The challenge for drug treatment centers like Beaches Recovery has been trying to stay current on the growing list of street narcotics. It seems every month a new drug hits the streets. These new drugs bring with them unknown qualities that counselors and clinicians have to understand to work the treatment process.

Fortunately, premier treatment facilities like Beaches Recovery are able to employ experienced treatment professionals, who understand the challenges laid before them.

Changes in the Drug Abuse Recovery Process

The one thing that has changed the most within the drug abuse recovery treatment industry is the methodologies that counselors and clinicians employ during the treatment process. It’s far more common to see treatment centers focusing on the individual. The industry is quickly learning that each addict is an individual. They come with a different story and a unique set of circumstances. By setting forth custom treatment plans, counselors are better able to get at the core issues that create the need for users to keep using.

From detox to aftercare treatment, professionals now have access to many tools they can use to help patients find the road to recovery. At the end of the day, that’s the only way we can collectively combat drug dependency.

Information about Beaches Recovery

To better understand why some experts consider Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, to be a premier treatment facility, we share details about our process. Upon entering the facility, we assess each patient’s addiction issues and circumstances. When needed, we can offer detox services to begin the recovery process. When it’s time to start treatment, our counselors build a custom treatment plan, using many of the following treatment options:

If your life is spiraling out of control because of alcohol or drug dependency or addiction, we hope you will come to realize that you do have a way out. It requires you to be honest about your illness, followed by finding the courage to seek help. At Beaches Recovery, our counselors will be awaiting your call, phone 866.605.0532. Given our success rate, there’s an excellent chance you can stop the cycle of addiction and get back to living a better life without your addiction.