When someone continues to drink and abuse alcohol regularly despite the negative consequences, this can be considered alcohol addiction. If you have noticed symptoms of alcohol addiction in you or loved one, it’s time to seek professional help at a drug and alcohol treatment center. As you search for a program, make sure that you also consider a holistic alcohol treatment approach over competing models of care. You’ll be glad you did.

What Is Holistic Treatment for Addiction?Woman doing yoga on dock participating in holistic alcohol treatment.

In general, any type of treatment that is labeled as holistic is a type of treatment that focuses not just on the issue at hand, but on the entire mind, body, and spirit as they pertain to the issue.

For instance, most professional alcohol treatment programs center around the physical aspect of being addicted to alcohol. Naturally, this is completely necessary in order to provide essential care for the client. But the physical aspect of being chemically dependent on alcohol is not all that’s going on when someone starts abusing alcohol or any other substance.

In other words, in order to fully recover from alcohol addiction in a way that can last a lifetime, clients need to focus on improving all areas of their life. This is where holistic alcohol treatment can help.

Where Holistic Alcohol Treatment Excels

When many people hear the term “holistic,” they instantly conjure an image of a group of hippies sitting around cross-legged in a circle and talking about their feelings. In some instances of holistic care, this notion may not be far off, but don’t think that it’s the only way holistic treatment for alcohol addiction works.

As stated, holistic care treats the entire person instead of only focusing on the physical addiction to a substance.

In terms of care for the mind, therapy and counseling offered during holistic treatment help clients get to the bottom of why their addiction started. For example, someone with severe anxiety issues or chronic depression may have used alcohol as a tool to self-medicate difficult feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

Using Holistic Coping Skills Instead of Drugs or Alcohol

Someone else may have gone through a recent trauma, such as the loss of a spouse or a loved one or a traumatic natural disaster, like a hurricane or flood. They may be using alcohol to cope with their own difficult thoughts, feelings, and emotions. All different circumstances and situations can bring about addiction. Holistic treatment that caters to the individual aims to target these sensitive areas. In this way, the client can get the help they need instead of the standard, one-size-fits-all assistance that other treatment programs offer.

Holistic alcohol treatment supports alcohol detox to initially help clients stop the physical addiction. During detox, clients are medically monitored for their health, safety, and comfort. Withdrawal symptoms are minimized and sometimes even eliminated.

In addition to mental and physical health, holistic alcohol treatment caters to other areas of the body, mind, and soul using special therapies. For example, holistic treatment options at Beaches Recovery include the following:

These therapies can help clients find personal passion in hobbies or activities. They also help clients relax and find time away from counseling and intensive therapy.

Locating a Professional Holistic Treatment Center Near You

If you’re looking for a holistic alcohol treatment center for help with an alcohol addiction, look no further. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, is the place for you. Not only do we offer serious holistic treatments for alcoholism, but we also offer the following particular therapies. These therapies help our clients gain a better understanding of themselves. Clients can also find solace in repairing their substance abuse issues. We offer:

Are you ready for holistic treatment? If so, give Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida a call today. We can help you or your loved one get back on track with holistic therapy. Treat your mind, body, and soul. The number is 866.605.0532 to begin.