Long-term recovery comes when you’re willing to take the necessary steps to keep your sobriety after you complete treatment. A great way to continue to strengthen your recovery is by becoming part of a sober living network after you complete treatment. Beaches Recovery offers sober living options for those who choose to continue to get the support they need after treatment. Remember, your addiction didn’t happen overnight, so it’s going to take some time to fully recover and stay clean.

Engage with a Sober Living Network After Treatment

A sober living network can include your kids and family members.

Various studies show that those who transition through the different levels of care in treatment have the best chances of long-term recovery. A delusion that many people have is their addiction is cured after simply getting rid of the physical dependence. When you don’t take the necessary time in treatment while focusing on your recovery, you’re at a great risk of relapse. The typical levels of care you transition through in treatment will include:

The detox process is meant to help you get through the physical and psychological withdrawal of getting clean. Detox is the first step, but the real recovery begins when you enter the inpatient level of care and learn how to stay sober. Going back home, to work or school can be overwhelming, which is why outpatient services are highly recommended. As a way to stay accountable and receive support once you leave treatment, you can enter a sober living arrangement.

What is a Sober Living Network?

While you may not realize it, many environmental factors can keep you in your active addiction. This can be anything from a toxic living environment to the friends or colleagues you associate with. It can be extremely difficult staying sober and clean when the people around you are still drinking or using drugs. A sober living network provides you with safety and stability once you leave treatment so you can build on your foundation of recovery.

Sober homes are those that have residents who are all pursuing the same goal of sobriety that you are. In these homes, there are some restrictions because they want you to be able to begin rebuilding your life. There may be curfews and other guidelines, but these are extremely beneficial to continue your journey of recovery. The biggest benefit you’ll have in a sober home is the comfort in knowing that you live with people who understand what you’re going through.

A Sober Living Network Helps Early Recovery

Addiction treatment programs prepare you for dealing with life without the use of alcohol or drugs. It’s impossible to prepare you for all of the possible scenarios of life or how you’ll react to certain situations. After months or years of abusing drugs or alcohol, it can feel overwhelming when you’re dealing with life on life’s terms. This is why it’s so helpful to be surrounded by people who are also working on their addiction recovery.

No matter what’s going on in your life, you’ll know that you have roommates you can turn to who will be there to support you. The love and support you receive from people who are dealing with similar struggles is without parallel. This is very helpful because although your family may be supportive, they might not fully understand what it’s like to be in early recovery from addiction. Whether you had a rough day at work or you’re dealing with issues with friends or family, you’ll have a safe place to return to.

Beaches Recovery will provide all of the support and tools you need to be successful in your recovery from addiction. Our facility is located in Jacksonville, Florida. We have multiple levels of care as well as sober environments to help you transition to real life. When you come to treatment, you’ll have a wide range of programs that will help you begin to overcome your addiction. Some of the treatment methods that we specialize in include:

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