When people think about drug addiction, illegal substances, alcohol and prescription painkillers typically come to mind. However, many other drugs are addictive too, including Ativan. Those who develop a problem with this drug need an Ativan addiction rehab program to recover. Learning more about Ativan addiction rehab can help them prepare for treatment.

About Ativan and Addiction

Man at window with hand to head may need an ativan addiction rehab programAtivan is a brand name for the generic drug lorazepam. In the benzodiazepine (benzo) class of drugs, it’s an anti-anxiety medicine that doctors also prescribe to treat depression symptoms. The medication can treat epilepsy and insomnia side effects too.

This benzo works by blocking select neurotransmitters in the brain to slow hyperactive processes. Because of that, it changes the chemical balance. Along with its potency and risk for abuse, doctors don’t usually prescribe it for more than four months.

Despite that, some people can still develop the need for an Ativan addiction rehab program. The drug attaches to receptors in the brain when they take large doses. The effects include an intense high and then a prolonged calm. Large doses can also cause drowsiness and muscle relaxation.

Loved ones can tell when people need Ativan addiction rehab by looking for specific signs. For instance, they may continue to use even though the drug is harmful. It could lead to social isolation, relationship problems, financial trouble and ignoring obligations at school, home or work. Some people have cravings when the medication starts to wear off as well.

What to Expect in an Ativan Addiction Rehab Program

Ativan addiction treatment requires a combination of detox, therapy, and aftercare. Overcoming the disease can be hard for those who have severe mental and physical Ativan withdrawal symptoms. However, the right treatment plan can make the process easier.

Ativan Detox

The safest way for people with Ativan addiction to quit using the drug is starting with medical detox. In most cases, the detox staff uses the taper-down method to reduce withdrawal symptoms. This process involves slowly decreasing the dose of Ativan over a period of several weeks. Sometimes, switching to a long-acting benzo such as Valium is necessary.

Not using the taper method can trigger very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Some examples include cravings, tremors, abdominal cramps, vomiting, and rapid heart rate. They can have life-threatening effects in severe cases. However, the detox staff at an Ativan addiction rehab program can provide non-habit-forming medicines to address these issues.

Residential vs Outpatient Rehab

Choosing the right treatment program for Ativan addiction is important. The best option, however, depends on each person’s unique needs.

In general, it’s more beneficial to start Ativan addiction rehab with residential drug rehab care. It takes people away from the influences that lead to drug use and puts them in a drug-free environment. It also provides 24-hour assistance to prevent relapse and treat lingering withdrawal effects.

Despite this, an outpatient Ativan addiction rehab program still has a place. As a starting point, though, it’s more suitable for those with a mild substance use disorder. After residential care, it makes a great step-down treatment to help people transition into the home and social life.

In either case, people in Ativan addiction treatment receive the same therapeutic services. Some of these include one-on-one therapy, group and family counseling, addiction and nutrition education, and holistic therapies.

Aftercare Services

Even when the core rehab program is over, Ativan addiction needs constant management. It can be difficult for people to avoid triggers and control cravings for the rest of their lives. For this reason, ongoing support is essential.

Developing a support network among knowledgeable family and friends is helpful. However, joining support groups or seeing private therapists is more beneficial for some people. In either case, they should have an aftercare plan before their rehab program ends.

Treating Benzo Addiction at Beaches Recovery

Do you want to start Ativan addiction treatment at a benzo detox center in Jacksonville FL? Beaches Recovery can help you get the care that you need at Tides Edge Detox. Afterward, you can transfer back to our facility for rehab.

At Beaches Recovery, we offer a range of residential, outpatient and aftercare programs for drug addiction. All of our substance abuse treatment programs include a variety of therapies and other services, including:

Get help now if you or someone you know needs Ativan addiction rehab. Beaches Recovery can guide you through the process. Call us at 866.605.0532 to learn more about our Ativan addiction rehab program.