Substance use disorder is the clinical term applied when a patient’s ongoing drug or alcohol use has caused significant life troubles. It occurs when the body’s constant craving for another dose of a substance disrupts normal functioning. People of any age, race, gender, and occupation can receive this diagnosis. In fact, SAMHSA reported that 8.4 percent of Americans, over 20.2 million, are suffering from this disorder.

Concerned woman thinking about her substance use disorderEven severe substance use disorders are treatable with professional help. Beaches Recovery is a premier Florida rehab that specializes in helping men, women, and young adults overcome SUD. We offer a warm, positive setting to address your symptoms. Our experienced clinicians have success stopping the use of alcohol, meth, cocaine, heroin, painkillers, cannabis, and more.

Do You Have Substance Use Disorder?

The mind-altering delusions of drugs make it difficult to notice your own substance use disorder. But admitting you have a problem is the first baby step toward recovery. Look for changes to your physical appearance, behaviors, thoughts, and relationships. The DSM 5 criteria used by doctors can help you determine if you have the disorder. You need to identify with at least two of the following:

  • Taking larger doses for longer than planned
  • Wanting to quit but experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • Spending lots of time and money getting drugs
  • Being unable to handle work or school duties
  • Stopping social activities and hobbies once loved
  • Craving the drug despite physically harmful risks
  • Continually using despite recognition of the problem

Physically, you’ll typically notice reddened eyes, enlarged pupils, apparent weight loss, pale coloring, and track marks on the skin. Mentally, substance use disorders may cause bad tempers, nervousness, paranoia, confusion, and extreme tiredness. Tension with loved ones can make you withdraw socially and lie about your whereabouts. Turn to Beaches Recovery right away when you feel you’ve lost control of drug or alcohol use.

How Substance Use Disorders Develop

Don’t blame yourself for developing a substance use disorder because it’s not a choice. This disease robs you of your willpower by making your body reliant on the drug. In particular, the substance adjusts how your brain processes the chemicals that spark pleasure. After a time, you’ll need more potent quantities just to avoid feeling bad. The drug becomes your brain’s #1 priority until you cease caring about other delights or your welfare.

Anyone can experience SUD after using drugs or alcohol multiple times. However, specific factors up your chances of becoming addicted. Genetics play a role since substance use disorders sometimes run in families. Suffering recent trauma or loss can make you vulnerable. Starting drug use young increases your risk for the disease. Of course, how long and frequent you’ve been taking the substance also boosts the likelihood of physical dependence.

Ways to Treat Substance Use Disorder

At Beaches Recovery, we believe in a whole-person approach to treat substance use disorders according to your individual needs. Our treatment starts at Tides Edge for medical detox that rids the body of substances safely. Once you’re through withdrawal, trained, masters-level therapists will create a custom intervention plan. You’ll get support to heal old hurts, address present pains, and build future skills. We choose from a long list of treatment methods, such as:

Treating substance use disorder alone won’t be very effective if you have other mental health conditions too. Perhaps you’ve been using drugs or alcohol to medicate another disorder. For that reason, we also started a dual diagnosis rehab program. The Beaches Recovery team will perform tests for anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, PTSD, and others.

Find Help and Hope at Beaches Recovery

Stop enduring the agony of substance use disorder alone. It’s possible to crush this crippling condition at our first-rate rehab facility in Jacksonville. Beaches Recovery is accredited by The Joint Commission to treat SUD compassionately. Contact us today at 866.605.0532 to start the easy admission process and beat your addiction.