The aftermath of the flakka drug is depression, as this young woman knows.It’s becoming quite a challenge to try to keep up with the development of one illegal synthetic drug after another. Over the past 2 – 3 years, a new drug has hit the streets called Flakka. Often referred to as the “devil’s drug,” this one has both police and doctors puzzled and deeply concerned. Based on early reports, this Flakka drug also called “Flocka,” is turning the state of Florida upside down.

What is the Flakka Drug?

While some people on the street have described this new Flakka drug as a combination of heroin and crack, it is actually nothing more than an updated version of bath salts. Bath salts are referred to as a psychoactive synthetic drug which is usually made in home-based chemical labs. In order to keep the production of such drugs from being illegal, the recipe is being altered slightly each time a new batch is produced. In the case of Flakka, the altered ingredient is a new chemical called alpha-pyrrolidinopentiophenone or alpha-PVP.

On the streets, the pricing of the Flakka drug is on par with crack. Users take it to create a state of euphoria with an energy boost. For all intents and purposes, it acts as a typical stimulant. Unfortunately, there are some rather scary side effects.

Flakka Drug Side Effects

Because of its bad side effects, the Flakka drug has become rather notorious. Even in small doses, the user is subject to an array of side effects that are frankly quite alarming. The user may find themselves experiencing wild mood swings or extreme agitation. In slightly larger doses, the user may experience psychological issues like paranoia, hallucinations and grand delusions.

There have been reports of users sexually assaulting trees and attempting dangerous stunts under the belief they have superhuman strength. In some cases, reports note that Flakka creates enough adrenaline flow to make it difficult to restrain someone under the drug’s influence. One can only imagine all the difficulties a frequent Flakka user must have. If small doses can create serious problems, it’s safe to assume it wouldn’t require too much of the drug to create an overdose.

Of course, the worst side effect is the drug is highly addictive. It’s really no different in that respect than any other stimulant or amphetamine. The problem is that the combination of all of these side effects makes the Flakka drug one of the most dangerous drugs currently on the street.

Treatment for Flakka Addiction

Much like any other addiction, it’s going to take a stint in a residential drug rehab to recover from a Flakka addiction. We still know very little about this Flakka drug.  We cannot be sure of all the possible withdrawal symptoms. With that in mind, it’s reasonable to expect a monitored detox may be required. In all likelihood, one can expect the withdrawal symptoms to be similar to those that occur with a severe amphetamine addiction.

There’s also a possibility that psychological issues will present themselves because of extended Flakka abuse. If this is the case, a drug addiction treatment counselor may decide to offer a dual diagnosis treatment plan as the recommended course of treatment.

Treatment at Beaches Recovery

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If you find yourself facing an addiction to Flakka or any other harmful substance, you need help. The treatment process has to start with you admitting you have an addiction and want help. At that point, Beaches Recovery is just a phone call away at 866.605.0532. Through hard work at our facility, you stand an excellent chance of recovering from your addiction.