A large number of individuals who seek addiction treatment help are looking for help with a cocaine addiction. A dangerous and powerfully addictive stimulant, cocaine is among the most dangerous of street drugs. If you are struggling with this drug or know someone who is, it’s essential that you seek help with one of the cocaine rehab programs available.

Cocaine rehab programs are the best way for this young man to deal with a cocaine addiction.Short-Term Effects of Cocaine Abuse

When someone takes cocaine, the effects are felt almost immediately by the user. These sought-after effects include a feeling of euphoria, hypersensitivity to light and touch, the feeling of having lots of energy, talkativeness, heightened alertness, and insomnia.

In some users, it’s easier for them to complete tasks, understand concepts, and talk to people. Others will feel the opposite. These effects generally go away within a few minutes. At the most, the effects of cocaine will last about an hour.

Negative short-term effects will also begin right away. The blood vessels will constrict, the user’s pupils will dilate, their body temperature will increase, and they may become violent and erratic. In some users, paranoia, anxiety, restlessness, vertigo, muscle twitches, and tremors will set in.

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Abuse

There are numerous medical problems associated with cocaine use. Most are related to the cardiovascular system. These include the possibility of heart attack and disturbances in heart rhythm. Other problems like negative neurological effects, the possibility of stroke or seizure, severe headaches, gastrointestinal complications, and other issues may occur as well.

Over time, if individuals continue to consistently use cocaine, these negative effects can add up. In some cases, the severe health problems caused by prolonged cocaine use may result in early death.

Another complication of cocaine use is that it is often used in conjunction with other drugs, such as alcohol and heroin. When combined, this can be a deadly mixture. Heroin overdoses–when heroin is being used at the same time as cocaine–are quite common. Some users use the two drugs at the same time because they somewhat cancel each other out. Heroin is a sedating drug, and cocaine is a stimulant. Because the effects of cocaine wear off sooner, users may end up taking too much heroin and overdosing.

No matter how long you have been abusing cocaine and struggling with addiction, cocaine rehab programs can help. In fact, turning to one of the cocaine rehab programs available to you is the best possible solution to a cocaine addiction.

You should absolutely never try to detox from cocaine or any drug by yourself–even if you think you have the support of a loved one or friend at home. Detoxing from a highly addictive drug like cocaine and dealing with the withdrawal effects can be dangerous to your health and wellbeing. Only professionals can ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout this experience.

What Happens in Cocaine Rehab Programs?

During treatment at cocaine rehab programs, you’ll go through two main phases–detox and therapeutic treatment. Let’s investigate what each of these phases of treatment will be like as a patient so that you know what to expect during treatment.

Detox is always the first part of cocaine rehab programs. You cannot advance to the therapy portion of treatment if you haven’t gone through detox. During this process, a doctor and their staff will medically monitor you to ensure that your vitals are stable and that you are comfortable. This is essential while you go through withdrawal.

After detox the hard work of therapy and counseling starts. The best rehab programs offer numerous types of programs for therapy and counseling so that you receive individualized care. In most all of the programs available, however, treatment is done both in groups and on an individual basis.

Beaches Recovery Offers Cocaine Rehab Programs

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