Alcoholism has been a problem in America since the beginning of the country’s history. Most people form an addiction to alcohol without really meaning to. They often start out as social drinkers, only to one day discover they can hide from their problems in a bottle. That’s the point where addiction takes hold. After that happens, a reputable alcoholic treatment program becomes the only doorway out of the abyss.

Why Alcohol Abusers Need an Alcoholic Treatment Program

Man talking to female counselor asking about alcoholic treatment programThere’s a myth floating around that alcoholics don’t have to face significant withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking. Nothing could be further from the truth. When abused, alcohol is a hazardous drug. More than a few people have died due to alcohol poisoning. Any efforts to stop drinking after an extended period of alcoholism will usually meet with significant withdrawal symptoms. The only safe way for drinkers to deal with withdrawal is by getting help from a quality alcoholic treatment center.

Beyond alcohol detox, it’s safe to assume all alcoholics need professional counseling. As we mentioned above, alcoholics hide in the bottle. There’s usually some aspect of their lives that doesn’t work anymore. Most, if not all, alcoholic treatment programs offer therapy and support groups. These are the two resources a patient needs to get past their addiction and remain sober.

Description of a Standard Alcoholic Treatment Program

Upon entering an alcohol rehab facility, patients go through an evaluation process. The facility’s clinicians need an understanding of the depth of each patient’s addiction. When necessary, a clinician will recommend a patient start recovery at a detox facility. Some rehabs use outside resources while other rehabs maintain an in-house detox program. At Beaches Recovery, we support a separate, detox facility, Tides Edge.

The purpose of detox is two-fold. First, patients need a safe environment to get past their alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Under the supervision of the medical staff, each patient receives the opportunity to go through withdrawal as naturally as possible. If medical issues arise, doctors are willing to offer relief in the form of prescription medications. Ultimately, the goal of detox is to prepare the patient for the therapy portion of treatment. It’s nearly impossible to focus on the problems with alcohol when the body still craves it. Detox squelches those cravings, allowing the patient to feel better and focus on the task at hand.

During therapy, the patient and their counselors work together to find out how to make things better. Both parties genuinely benefit from knowing the exact reasons why the patient abuses alcohol. By the time the patient leaves the alcoholic treatment center, they need to have the ability to cope with life. The ability to adequately deal with life is the difference between if they will relapse or not.

When the patient concludes treatment, their recovery is still tenuous. An excellent alcoholic treatment program like Beaches Recovery usually offers aftercare programs to help recovering alcoholics find support and stay sober.

Beaches Recovery–A Premier Alcoholic Treatment Center

Beaches Recovery treatment center sits in the addiction treatment hotbed of Florida. We treat a wide range of substance abuse problems, including alcoholism. As a full-service rehab, we can take patients all the way from detox to aftercare.

Of course, most of our focus is on therapy and counseling. By the way, we proudly consider ourselves progressive clinicians and counselors. As such, we offer a wide range of treatment modalities, all of which we customize to meet each patient’s needs. Here’s a snapshot of the options we can offer:

Are you tired of living your life as an alcoholic? If so, you might be ready to get help from Beaches Recovery’s alcoholic treatment program. Seeking addiction help might not be an easy thing to do, but eventually, it will be necessary. When that time comes, give us a call at 866.605.0532. Working together, we’ll have a great chance at finding your path to lasting recovery.