Hiding her track marks is one of the side effects of heroin use.Whether you are the person using heroin or someone you love has a drug problem, there are visible side effects of heroin that others can see. Heroin use is rarely a long-kept secret. People around the person using this powerful drug tend to notice changes in behavior and appearance pretty early in its use.

Common Visible Side Effects of Heroin

One of the earliest side effects of heroin can be seen even before physical symptoms appear. That effect is isolation. People using heroin need time alone to inject, snort or smoke the drug. Others may notice their loved ones going into a bathroom, bedroom or other quiet place to be alone, more often.

After using heroin, these individuals are immediately drowsy and calmed by the dose. So they tend to remain where they used the drug while its effects run their course. This means another few hours of isolation.

Other side effects of heroin that are noticeable even in the first uses include:

  • Drowsiness to the point of nodding off
  • Nodding off while talking or doing other things
  • Immediate rush-induced calm or quiet
  • Lethargy
  • Sleeping more than usual
  • Slurred speech
  • Poor attention span

There are side effects of heroin that can appear like “sickness” to others. These side effects can often be explained away by people using heroin. But if you pay attention to the signs and patterns of these effects, you may be able to see heroin use is taking place.

Visible ill side effects, including withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Vomiting
  • Confusion
  • Scratching at skin
  • Groggy appearance
  • Light sensitivity
  • Small pupils
  • Slow respiration and pulse
  • Blue lips, hands and feet

Using heroin puts people at immediate risk for death by overdose. Adding alcohol, sedatives, prescription medication or other substances to the mix makes heroin risk even higher. If you love the person you suspect of heroin use, or if you are using this dangerous opiate yourself, you need help for recovery.

Signs of Heroin Use Mean Help Is Needed

Heroin does not just cause immediate signs of its use. There are also long-term effects on the individuals’ bodies, minds and lifestyle. Examples of the signs of heroin use that cause this damage includes lasting kidney, heart and liver effects. Mental problems resulting from the drug’s use are also common.

If you or someone you love have an addiction to heroin, you need the help of experts in the field of addiction treatment. Seeing the signs of heroin abuse is not enough to break through the problem. Patients need highly supportive help from professionals qualified to provide the therapies, education and guidance required to end heroin addiction.

With the help of heroin rehab professionals, patients are able to stop using this drug and other substances. Their body can first be cleaned of physical dependence through detox. After detox, lasting healing begins in rehab.

A quality rehab program will provide a variety of therapies. Patients recovering from heroin addiction need to commit to these therapies. They must also make changes in everyday patterns and choices. By doing so, they can enjoy healthy sobriety for the remainder of their lives.

Beaches Recovery Provides Hope for People Addicted to Heroin

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