Dealing with an addiction is serious business. In the worst cases, it can lead the addicted person to prison, insanity or death. It’s for these reasons that we all hope addiction sufferers will find a way to admit they have an illness and finally seek the help they need. When they do, they may find that rehab treatment for drug addiction is the only viable road to lasting recovery.

Methods of Treatment for Drug Addiction

Young woman with hands to face worried about treatment for drug addiction.

The Internet is full of the quick fix and abbreviated methods of kicking the habit. These methods range from quitting “cold turkey” without actual therapy to meditation or other holistic treatment options. For what it’s worth, quitting cold turkey hardly ever ends well. After suffering through dangerous and painful withdrawal symptoms, the addicted individual is left to stop substance abuse without knowing why they do it or how to prevent doing it again.

On its own, holistic treatment methods bring back mixed results for detox, but they do have some value during rehab and therapy. That’s why a number of reputable drug and alcohol treatment centers use them in conjunction with more traditional treatment methods.

Over decades, the best treatment for drug addiction lies within the walls of a professional treatment facility like Beaches Recovery. What the patient needs is a chance to detox and get counseling and therapy. After going through a typical 30 to 60-day treatment program, many patients are able to fully recover from their addiction illness.

Treatment for Drug Addiction at a Rehab Facility

It’s no mistake that the best treatment for drug addiction is found in a rehab center. Many of them have counselors and clinicians who have been in the trenches for years. For the most part, these fine people have seen it all and have a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

The process usually starts with a detox program if necessary. Detox allows the individual’s body to eliminate the residual substances that may still be affecting their mind and body. Once detox has returned the individual to a reasonable state of awareness, they stand a much better chance of getting the full benefits of counseling.

The objectives of counseling are two-fold. First, the therapist wants to help the patient better understand why the need to abuse substances occurs. It can be anything from personal problems to some type of psychological disorder to genetics. Once the patient has an understanding of what they are dealing with and the long-term risks that come with continued abuse, they will have opened the door to resolving issues.

The second objective of counseling is to teach the patient coping skills like relapse prevention. These coping skills are necessary for a recovering addict to be able to overcome the inevitable temptations and stress that awaits them on the outside. The acquisition of these coping skills will often dictate the patient’s ability to avoid relapse.

The Treatment for Drug Addiction Model at Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery Addiction Treatment Center sits in Jacksonville, Florida. As a premier treatment facility with an elite reputation, we have developed an approach to treatment for drug addiction that really works.

It all starts with the notion that each patient is a unique individual. Depending on the patient’s addiction background and personal lifestyle, our counselors and clinicians can prescribe treatment from a variety of options. As indicated, each option addresses the patient’s specific needs.

Treatment starts with detox when prescribed. After detox, the counselor introduces their patient to at least one of the following treatment options:

When treatment ends, patients get access to aftercare programs that include counseling, sober living or a 12-Step recovery program.

If you are feeling hopeless and want to reclaim your life from addiction, you can rest assured help is available at Beaches Recovery. By simply calling us at 866.605.0532, you will have taken the most important step towards recovery–reaching out for help. From there, hard work and focus will give you a chance for a better life without the need for drugs.