You should not underestimate the effects of withdrawal from Xanax, by attempting to detox at home. Doctors prescribe these medications, called benzodiazepines, for anxiety and panic disorders. But people can quickly develop a mental and physical dependence on the drug. Quitting means going through severe withdrawal symptoms.

For most people, withdrawal from Xanax does not cause life-threatening effects. But the physical and mental side effects cause significant discomfort. They even lead to some dangerous symptoms, like seizures. You need medical supervision in a licensed and accredited detox facility, to safely get through withdrawal from Xanax.

Dangers of Withdrawal from Xanax

Man covering face hands trying to deal with withdrawal from XanaxSome of the most significant dangers of Xanax withdrawal lie in not knowing how severe your withdrawal symptoms will be. This detox quickly turns, going from mild to intense within moments.

Risks of Xanax withdrawal include delirium, seizures and broken bones from falls during withdrawal. Anxiety is one of the most significant problems of Xanax withdrawal. When stopping your benzo use, anxiety flares and becomes difficult to manage. This takes many people back into their drug use, risking overdose through a relapse during detox.

Xanax withdrawal symptoms start quickly, usually within one or two days of your last dose. These acute symptoms last for as long as a month. Side effects of Xanax withdrawal include:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleeplessness and restlessness
  • Irritation and agitation
  • Distracted attention and memory problems
  • Muscle aches and tension
  • Tremors or seizures

How long your symptoms last depends on your dose amount and how often you used Xanax before quitting. They also depend on whether you used other substances along with your Xanax.

After acute withdrawal, many people go through post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) for months. PAWS symptoms last long after the drug clears from your body. The most common PAWS effect is intense anxiety.

After Detox, What’s Next?

After withdrawal from Xanax, you need rehab. Without Xanax addiction treatment in a quality rehab program, you keep yourself at high risk for relapse. Through rehab treatment, you gain the coping skills and life skills you need for healthy recovery. Although relapse is always possible, with treatment, you stand a real chance of fighting these urges.

Many people prescribed Xanax by a doctor for anxiety, fear that going to rehab means their anxiety will continue unchecked. But this is not true. In rehab, you gain insight into your anxiety, why it exists and how to treat it using alternative methods. Instead of relying on a pill, you learn real skills for relieving your anxiety naturally.

Therapy in rehab helps you understand why you turned to substance abuse. Likewise, your family heals while you go through rehab, participating in family therapy and other counseling programs. Your whole family learns to communicate better, build stronger relationships and stop negative behaviors like codependency and enabling.

In rehab, your general wellness improves. You start looking healthier and feeling happier. With your physical dependence gone, you enjoy doing things you used to do. You also learn new ways of having fun, relating to others and meeting other health-minded people.

After rehab, aftercare programs help you stay firm in your earliest days of recovery. Transitional living and sober living programs extend your rehab, so you do not feel alone. You continue gaining the support you need while practicing your new recovery skills outside of rehab, in the real world.

Detox and Rehab in Jacksonville, Florida

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides both detox and rehab for the seamless, complete continuum of care you need for lasting sobriety. Your treatment starts at Tides Edge, an accredited detox facility where you safely and comfortably get through the Xanax side effects of withdrawal. After detox, you continue into Beaches Recovery’s accredited rehab programs.

Rehab at Beaches Recovery includes:

If you or someone you love fear withdrawal from Xanax, Beaches Recovery provides the help you need. At Beaches Recovery your treatment starts after your last dose of Xanax. Together with Beaches Recovery, you gain the support you need even after you return home. Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 for more information on how to get and remain drug-free.