Much of the danger that street drugs present is the lack of knowledge users have about the drug itself. Many times, the actual users are ignorant about a drug’s active ingredients and the way it’s manufactured. Without this kind of information about a street drug like Krokodil, we have grave concerns for anyone with a Krokodil drug addiction. We hope the information we are providing educates people about the dangers of this illicit substance.

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What is Krokodil?

Smiling women on bench finding out about krokodil drug addiction treatment program in FLThe street drug Krokodil is a derivative of the substance desomorphine. As such, it falls into the synthetic opioid category. Illicit drug manufacturers first introduced the drug on the streets of Russia in the early 2000s. Krokodil is up to 10 times more potent than morphine, which makes it very dangerous.

By combining desomorphine with non-prescription level codeine medications, the drug becomes increasingly more potent and life-threatening. It’s noteworthy that some of the byproducts that come from the manufacturing (cooking) process include iodine and phosphorus. These types of chemicals can be very toxic to the human body when users inject it directly into their systems. Injection is the standard mode of use.

We all know how dangerous a painkiller or heroin addiction can be. The way manufacturers make Krokodil along with the totality of its ingredients make this substance far more dangerous. Why? Most opioids are highly addictive. Even worse, the addiction occurs over a relatively short period of time. With Krokodil, the addictive nature of the drug causes problems to happen at warp speed. The symptoms of Krokodil drug addiction can appear in a matter of a couple of weeks. That should be a major concern among people who are abusing the drug without knowing much about it.

Information About Krokodil Addiction

Beaches Recovery addiction treatment center has a Krokodil drug addiction treatment program in FL. We provide this program because this new street drug has begun infiltrating the streets of America. The symptoms of Krokodil use are very similar to those that people experience with heroin or painkiller addiction, with one caveat. Some symptoms are downright scary.

Here’s a list of the usual opioid addiction symptoms people might experience:

  • Sleep disorders such as difficulty staying awake
  • Sudden and dramatic mood swings
  • Engaging in risk-taking activities
  • Issues with breathing and blood pressure
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Needle marks on arms and legs from intravenous abuse

While all of these symptoms are alarming, things can get even worse with Krokodil drug addiction. Additional symptoms might include severe damage to the skin, blood vessels, bones, and muscles. In some cases, these symptoms can get so bad that the user might face the loss of an extremity. For what it’s worth, the drug gets the Krokodil (crocodile) name from the way it leaves the user’s skin looking scaly.

Finally, any attempts to beat a Krokodil drug addiction will force the user to endure severe withdrawal symptoms. The only way to describe the possible severity of these withdrawal symptoms is to reference heroin withdrawal symptoms to the 10th degree. Some drugs should never see the light of day.

About Our Krokodil Drug Addiction Treatment Program in FL

In our opiate addiction rehab center, we provide a full range of addiction treatment services. These services include what we consider to be the top Krokodil drug addiction treatment program in FL for Krokodil drug addiction. Of course, we also provide treatment services for other substance addictions. Here’s a list of the most popular treatment options we offer:

  • Residential drug rehab: Our residential drug rehab program is one of the most successful in Florida. It’s a long-term, inpatient program that provides 24/7 care and supervision.
  • Extended care (more than 90 days):
  • Outpatient drug rehab: Outpatient drug rehab is a good option for people who have a strong support system at home and who don’t need 24/7 care.
  • Partial hospitalization program: This level of care is for people who need more intense treatment than what outpatient care can provide, but who don’t need around-the-clock supervision.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring conditions: If you have a mental health disorder along with your substance addiction, we offer treatment for both conditions.
  • Family counseling services: We know how important it is for families to heal from the damage addiction has caused. We offer family counseling services to help you repair your relationships.

A Krokodil Rehab Center in Florida Can Save Your Life

Krokodil is a dangerous and potent street drug that can have serious consequences for users. We urge anyone who is struggling with a Krokodil addiction to get help immediately.

If you are suffering from a Krokodil drug addiction, learn about our Krokodil drug addiction treatment program in FL. We have designed this program to address the severity of the drug’s addiction and withdrawal symptoms. Your safety and recovery are our primary concern. For more information, contact Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532.