It’s both amazing and disturbing for us to consider all of the different substances people can abuse in the name of recreational drug use. In the late 1990s, the hip-hop scene began coming up with strange concoctions. Many of these concoctions used cough syrup with codeine as a base substance. These concoctions became known as “lean drink.” Because of these concoctions, people are still left unknowingly having to deal with things like lean drink side effects and codeine addiction.

About Lean Drink

Passed out person in background showing lean drink side effects with lean drink in foreground.While users and experts classify several different concoctions as lean drink, they all have one thing in common. They require an extremely high dose of codeine as a base substance. The party scene calls these concoctions names such as purple drank and sizzurp. As one could guess, these substances can be highly addictive due to the presence of codeine in such large quantities.

On its own, lean drink has serious lean drink side effects. Without a clear understanding of the possible dangers associated with abusing these substances, unsuspecting party goers often find themselves in dangerous situations. These concoctions also contain American standards like Sprite, Seven-Up and/or some type of hard candy for additional sweetness.

Lean Drink Side Effects

Opioids are a primary ingredient in codeine. Doctors prescribe the codeine cough syrup used to make lean drink as a primary way of dealing with moderate pain issues or the suppression of a cough. In larger doses, doctors prescribe codeine as a pain inhibitor. It acts to suppress the central nervous system and reduce the discomfort from pain associated with an injury or surgery.

Predictably, lean drink side effects are the same side effects one would experience if they were abusing painkillers. That includes a slowing of the breathing reflex, possible issues with heart palpitations and drowsiness. It also creates a sense of euphoria, which is one of the lean drink side effects that drives people to abuse the substance and create an addiction.

Dealing With Lean Drink Addiction

For all of its intended pleasures, lean drink creates personal problems, addiction being the most serious problem. An addiction to any form of opioids is a formula for disaster. After sustained abuse, even purple drank users can find themselves lost in the cycle of addiction while dealing with lean drink side effects which are the same as codeine side effects. Any attempts to suddenly stop using these concoctions can lead to dangerous and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.

If addiction becomes a reality, the user finds themselves in need of help from reputable drug treatment centers such as Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida. The treatment process could include everything from a stint in medically-monitored detox program to therapy, followed by some time spent in an aftercare program such as sober living.

About Beaches Recovery

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An addiction to codeine can be cause for you to be concerned about the lean drink side effects. If you have concerns about abusing these substances, it might be time for you to consider admitting you have an addiction and need help.

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