There are addictions to drugs of all kinds. Some drugs are illegal while others are perfectly legal. In the case of prescription pill medications, the drugs are legal. But the addictions are lethal nonetheless. If you are concerned about prescription pill abuse for yourself or a loved one, this article outlines the most common pill abuse signs to look for.

How Does Prescription Pill Abuse Occur?

Pill abuse signs can start with a prescription.Prescription pill abuse can occur in a number of different ways. Likely the most common way that prescription pill abuse occurs is a doctor or medical professional. In this case, you may receive a prescription for pain pills because of a recent surgery, accident, or chronic pain.

There’s no doubt that prescription pain medications can be extremely effective for all three of these situations. However, addiction to these prescription pain pills happens more often than you may think. Many of those who receive these prescriptions may start becoming addicted after taking them for only a few days.

Another way that prescription pill addiction can occur is through the black market or illegally. In this situation, an individual obtains prescription pain medications through an illegal source. They may steal the prescription or the pain medications from a friend, neighbor, or stranger. Similarly, they may purchase the pills from someone illegally.

Prescription Pill Abuse Signs

If you are worried that yourself or a friend or loved one may be struggling with a prescription pill addiction, there are certain prescription pill abuse signs to look for. In general, an individual who is intoxicated on prescription pills will show the following pill abuse signs:

  • Slowed breathing
  • Apathy and depression
  • Drowsiness
  • Concentration and/or memory issues
  • Reduced social interaction
  • Constipation
  • Slow reactions and movements
  • Irritation and anxiety

Furthermore, you may notice behavioral and lifestyle changes. These pill abuse signs are as follows:

Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping refers to going to multiple doctors in order to obtain multiple pain pill prescriptions. Naturally, this is illegal.

Reduced Interest in Friends and Hobbies

In many situations, someone struggling with prescription pill addiction will have reduced interest in things they once enjoyed. They may neglect school or work or change her or his group of friends.

Money Troubles

Prescription pain pills are expensive. Someone with a pain pill addiction may be unable to keep up with their addiction on their own. They’ll need to start purchasing pills at one point or another. In this case, they will likely have financial troubles. They may ask others for loans or even start stealing.


Generally speaking, no one wants to admit they have an issue with a prescription pain medication addiction. Therefore, you may notice that your loved one becomes jittery and secretive in order to hide his or her addiction.

Getting Help for Prescription Pill Abuse

After seeing these pill abuse signs, admitting that you have an addiction to prescription pills and checking into a recovery center can be scary. You’re not sure what will happen during treatment.

Fortunately, at Beaches Recovery, you’ll be treated with the utmost care and respect. We provide you with a unique treatment plan that focuses on your special requirements. Everything is planned according to you. In fact, your days may be structured entirely differently than others who are in treatment with you. That’s because it’s all about you.

There are a few different programs that may loosely make up your routine here. These treatment programs include:

In addition to these programs and our numerous therapies, we also like to take a holistic approach to our treatment. This means offering things like delicious and healthy meals and outdoor therapies like hiking and ropes course therapy to treat the whole person. We also have fitness therapy as well as mindfulness training and anger management therapy.

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