Since the early 2000s, purple drank has gained popularity as one of the most available drugs for people of all ages. Purple drank effects are pleasing, relaxing and euphoric. These results come from the codeine and promethazine in widely available cough syrup. However, purple drank is no less dangerous than other opioids sold on the street.

About Purple Drank

This drink may bring the purple drank effects upon you.Purple drank is made using ingredients found in most American households. The most challenging part of the drink to obtain is promethazine-codeine cough syrup, available only by prescription. But many people have this type of cough syrup in their home medicine cabinets or know someone who does have it.

Unfortunately, purple drank is highly addictive. The codeine in the cough syrup gets you high and can lead you to opiate addiction. Besides cough syrup with codeine, purple drank contains soda like Sprite, 7-Up or Mountain Dew. Users mix Jolly Ranchers or other hard sugar candies into the liquid, giving the drink its sweet flavor and color.

The sweet cough syrup mixture became famous thanks to hip-hop musicians and pop culture icons endorsing the drink. In doing so, they did not consider the deadly effects of using purple drank or their power to influence others into addiction. A minimum of three people in the music industry has died from their use of purple drank. Lil Wayne is the most popular figure known to suffer an ongoing battle with purple drank effects.

Purple drank goes by many names. These names include sizzurp, lean drink, purple Sprite, Texas tea, drank and Memphis mud.

Purple Drank Effects

As said before, purple drank effects come from its opioid ingredient codeine, as well as the antihistamine promethazine in the cough syrup. You’ll also note some of these results run parallel to the effects of other narcotics. But purple drank effects are easier to come by, likely through ingredients available in your medicine cabinet right now.

Purple drank effects include:

  • Slurred speech, drowsiness, and blurred vision
  • Euphoria and sedation
  • A sense of removal from your body
  • Impaired motor skills

People using purple drank sometimes call the drug’s high a “swooning euphoria.” They also call the drink lean because it makes you need to lean on objects for support. Other effects of purple drank include vomiting, weakness, itching, hives, headache, dry mouth and chest pain. Users also faint, suffer hallucinations, have seizures and become shaky with tremors.

Death is one of purple drank’s worst effects. Death happens most often if you mix lean with other substances, like alcohol or ecstasy.

As Lil Wayne attests, ending abuse of purple drank is not easy. Like with other drugs, you need help from a quality detox center after abusing purple drank for an extended period. You also need the education, support, and therapies of rehab to end your addiction for good.

Detox for Purple Drank and other Addictions

You cannot end your addiction alone. Instead, you need the help of caring professionals trained and experienced in how to best clean your body of the toxins that substance abuse leaves behind. You also need quality rehab from an accredited rehab center.

In rehab, you learn why you started abusing substances in the first place. You also gain the education, support, and therapy you need for lasting recovery.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida provides rehab programs designed for your individual needs. These rehab programs include:

Your recovery begins with Beaches Recovery, including detox at Tides Edge. While at Beaches you gain the insight you need to understand your addiction and keep it from taking over your life.

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