Speed street drug refers to a class of drugs known as amphetamines. This class includes meth and various other types of drugs that are often prescribed for ADHD and sometimes also for narcolepsy. When a person abuses speed, it creates an extreme flight or fight response. The body’s systems go into overdrive with increased temperature, heart rate, and alertness. Once the drug wears off, the body goes into a crashed state of extreme exhaustion.

Speed Street Drug Information

Speed street drug comes in many varieties, including pills.The term speed street drug originated from a simple explanation of what it does to the body. It speeds everything up. For someone with ADHD, it may provide them with the alertness they need to function properly. However, for anyone else, it causes an overdrive of energy and an increased panic response.

When using speed, a similar comparison can be made to being in a constant state of panic. With speed, that level reaches an even higher point than the body’s natural fight or flight response. Some effects include an increased heart rate, restlessness, exaggerated response to being startled, appetite suppression, irritability, and insomnia.

Everyone reacts differently to speed drug use. The possibility exists for overdose in just one use. Overdose symptoms include convulsions, hallucinations, heart attack and extreme agitation. A speed overdose can result in death.

Once a speed high wears off, the person experiences a severe crash. They may sleep for an extended period after crashing. Chronic speed drug abuse can cause psychosis. Symptoms of this include extreme paranoia, skin picking, hallucinations and an abnormal obsession with the thoughts in one’s mind.

Speed does have the potential to be habit-forming. Some studies show that as many as one in four adults pretend to have ADHD to get a prescription.

Signs of Addiction to Speed Street Drug

The earlier a person stops using the speed street drug, the less chance they have to develop serious complications. Addiction to speed requires professional intervention. If you have suspicions about a loved one being addicted to speed, the following represent some signs:

  • Stealing drugs or money to buy drugs
  • Taking it despite negative consequences
  • Violent behavior when unable to use speed
  • Being unable to function without speed
  • Losing interest in activities and responsibilities
  • Preoccupation with using or getting speed
  • Extreme mood swings from hyperactivity to exhaustion

You might notice the person needing to refill their prescription well before it expires. People with an addiction to speed or other drugs tend to drastically change their behaviors. They may hang out with a different crowd and start hiding their daily lives.

Speed users may also mix speed and alcohol to counter the effects of the other substance. However, this can cause alcohol poisoning when the person drinks too much because they can’t feel the effects. Using other drugs with speed may cause addiction to both speed and the other drugs.

Speed can be used in pill form, but abusers typically crush pills into powder and snort or inject it.

Treatment for Speed Street Drug Addiction

Treating a speed addiction often starts with detox. Attempting to withdraw without medical supervision may result in symptoms like cravings, high fever, vomiting, severe headaches and mood swings. Seeking professional treatment offers the best chance for addiction recovery.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida now offers detox at Tides Edge. We can help you withdraw safely from speed and reduce many of the symptoms. A good detox experience is often the difference between successful rehab and failure. Once your body is free of speed, you can move on to entering inpatient or outpatient rehab.

Upon entering treatment at Beaches Recovery, we make a thorough attempt to uncover the necessary details for a fully personalized program. You have many options, including the following:

Stop speed street drug addiction from controlling your life before it’s too late. Call Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532 to get started on safely recovering from a speed addiction. Don’t wait for it to ruin your health and your life.