Holistic drug rehab combines with evidence-based treatments to provide a full continuum of care. But what exactly is a holistic therapy? Plenty of facilities claim to offer this service, but only a few deliver on the promise. Your questions – answered!

Recognizing the Need for a Whole Person Approach

a holistic drug rehab may include yoga at sunriseDrug abuse affects the body and mind. But it also affects your spiritual self. When treating addiction, far too many centers overlook this understanding. A good-quality facility, however, will address this aspect of healing with holistic drug rehab.

Mind you–there’s a distinct difference between spiritual healing and religion. Spirituality, at its core, is your ability to find joy and contentment in life. It refers to attitudes and positivism. Interestingly, it’s one of the first things you lose as a chemical dependency takes hold of your life.

Holistic Drug Rehab Returns Something You Lost

By focusing on what makes life meaningful for you, it’s possible to regain what drug abuse took away. There’s no medication you can take that will return it. Instead, it’s a process that takes a little time. An addiction specialist employs specific modalities in holistic drug rehab. They include:

  • Fitness therapy, which encourages a return to a healthy way of living and viewing daily activities
  • Meditation as a means for incorporating breathing exercises for stress relief, mind calming, and inner peace
  • Mindfulness based treatment that assists those struggling with mental health disorders, stress, and overwhelming worry
  • Equine assisted therapy, which encourages introspection, an outward focus, and a return to meaningful activities
  • Experiential therapy that ranges from hiking to ropes courses as a way of returning you to interactions with peers

You’ll notice that holistic approaches focus on introspection as well as socialization. Both contribute to your spiritual wellbeing. Moreover, both minimize the need for drugs to feel good about yourself. As a result, holistic treatment is part of a robust relapse prevention strategy.

Combining Evidence-Based Treatments with Holistic Care

You don’t have to check into single-focus holistic drug rehab centers to receive this level of care. Instead, it should be part of the broader spectrum of treatment you receive for chemical dependency. Evidence-based therapies are the types of approaches that have worked well for others suffering from addiction. These modalities assist with regaining physiological and psychological health. Examples include:

  • Customized one-on-one talk therapy that encourages you to recognize and change dysfunction in daily actions
  • Group therapy sessions, which emphasize the importance of peer assistance during the healing process
  • 12 Step approach to drug treatment, which provides a framework for relapse prevention after discharge from the program
  • Healthy lifestyle skills development that includes anger management and similar stress reduction techniques
  • Family therapy, which benefits program participants in need of setting boundaries, changing communication styles, and defining roles

Combine these treatments with the tenets of holistic drug rehab for a balanced program. You undergo all of the therapies concurrently, which allows for easy integration of modalities. Moreover, many of the treatments build on one another. Therefore, the continuum of care provides for whole-person healing.

Can I Just Heal Myself?

You know that your drug use is out of control. You also recognize the need to change that. But you might not realize that addiction is a disease. You may still believe that it’s just a moral weakness.

If you were able to stop using, wouldn’t you have already done so? In fact, the chemicals in the drugs have altered your brain’s chemistry. Some withdrawal symptoms present physical dangers. Medical and professional interventions help you to overcome the addiction safely and effectively.

Pharmacological support during detoxification eliminates pain from withdrawal. For many, this pain has been enough to derail attempts at quitting in the past. However, it no longer has to be like that for you. Without the pain and significant discomfort, you ready yourself to receive healing with psychotherapy.

Add the holistic drug rehab component for a well-rounded healing approach. When you want to make lasting changes and quit using drugs, it’s time for detox and rehab. At Beaches Recovery, caring therapists routinely work with people just like you. Call 866.605.0532 today to schedule your intake interview.