Man chatting with a substance abuse professional about next steps in treatment.If you are trying to learn more about the professionals able to help you overcome addiction, one such person is a substance abuse professional (SAP). They work in the professional field of substance abuse rehabilitation.

Industry-Specific Substance Abuse Professional

A good example of a person with a substance abuse professional title is one working for the U.S. Department of Transportation. In this field, a SAP formally evaluates employees proven to abuse substances. The SAP also makes recommendations for the employee’s education, treatment, continued testing, and aftercare.

An important part of being a SAP is being neutral in this work. The substance abuse professional does not work on behalf of the employer or the worker abusing substances. The SAP works for the public interest and safety.

A substance abuse professional may be a licensed doctor, social worker, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, addiction counselor, or employee assistance professional. To gain SAP status, these professionals go through training and certification.

What Does a Substance Abuse Professional Do?

A SAP is responsible for providing face-to-face evaluation and assessment of individual workers. This professional identifies substance abuse in employees, and creates a plan to help the employee become sober and return to work.

SAPs often recommend substance abuse treatment, starting with detox and continuing through rehab and aftercare. They frequently recommend:

SAPs also recommend programs such as education courses, support groups, and other ways of becoming or staying sober. Substance abuse professionals refer individuals to programs, such as quality detox and rehab centers where the worker receives treatment.

SAPs watch workers’ progress in their rehabilitation and recovery. The SAP will evaluate the employee again before that person returns to work for the company. Such programs are common for transportation industry jobs, such as truck driving, train engineering, and other positions affecting public safety.

Broader Term of SAP

In the broader sense of the words “substance abuse professional,” SAP means someone who helps people like you gain lasting recovery. The SAP identifies addiction, then refers people to particular programs or rehabs. They also counsel people through recovery, particularly if they are also an addiction treatment specialist or therapist.

Although SAPs include designated people in a certified field, they are also the professionals working in detox and rehab facilities. They often work with other professionals at a quality detox and rehab program.

You Are Not Alone in Treatment

In your recovery, you are never alone. You get the support and guidance of professionals from the beginning to the end of your journey. From your first meeting with detox professionals to connect with supportive people in aftercare, you encounter many SAPs.

For your best chance of recovery, you need to heed the advice of addiction professionals. They do not make decisions for you. Instead, they help you understand your life and recovery options. Consider them your guides in recovery, whether you meet them in rehab or through your employer’s human resources department.

Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville Provides the Professionals You Need

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