When a patient uses it responsibly, Vicodin is a very useful pain reliever. It also has properties that suppress a cough. For these two reasons, Vicodin has always been one of the more popular prescription medications. Doctors prescribe this medication for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Unfortunately, users often abuse this drug because of easy access. With this in mind, users need to be aware of the possible Vicodin abuse side effects.

About Vicodin

Depressed woman at water at sunrise going through vicodin abuse side effectsVicodin contains two primary active ingredients. The first ingredient is Hydrocodone, which is an opiate-based substance. As such, it has the same properties as morphine and Percocet, though not as potent. Hydrocodone also has some of the same features as codeine, which gives it its cough suppressant capabilities. The other active ingredient is acetaminophen, which acts as a mild pain reliever. Drug manufacturers typically use this substance in many over-the-counter products.

Vicodin acts on the body’s opioid receptors to decrease the perception of pain. It’s the opioid content that makes this drug so highly addictive. Like most opioids, the drug comes with numerous side effects. It also creates some serious withdrawal symptoms for those who abuse the substance and then try to quit. It’s worth noting the FDA didn’t list this drug as a Schedule II controlled substance until 2014. Authorities made that move in conjunction with it becoming widely available on the black market.

Vicodin Abuse Side Effects

Vicodin abuse usually occurs in one of two ways. People with a prescription can abuse this drug by using it in ways the doctor did not intend. The other form of abuse comes from recreational users who buy the drug illegally on the street. To some extent, patients with a prescription are usually aware of the potential side effects of abuse. On the other hand, recreational users very seldom know anything about Vicodin abuse side effects.

Vicodin abuse side effects demand attention. Doctors are cautious not to prescribe this drug unless they are sure the patient will be safe. Of course, being safe assumes the patient won’t abuse the drug. When it comes to painkillers, pill abuse signs are easy to discern. Here’s a list of the Vicodin abuse side effects that experts consider most dangerous:

  • Constipation
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Disorientation and confusion
  • Dizziness or drowsiness
  • Possible loss of consciousness
  • Breathing problems and slowed pulse
  • Impaired judgment and decision-making

Aside from Vicodin abuse side effects, users are also subject to some rather unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, as mentioned above. The most dangerous withdrawal symptoms include severe muscle cramps, convulsions, and hallucinations.

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