Men and women experience substance abuse and addiction in different ways. You travel a different road to addiction as a female than men you know suffering the same problem. You also experience unique triggers compared to men. Therefore, it makes clear sense that you need a prescription opioid rehab for women to gain complete addiction recovery.

How Prescription Opioids Affect Women

Angry woman definitely needs prescription opioid rehab for womenAlmost 50,000 women died from opioid overdoses between 1999 and 2010. In fact, this number increased by over 400 percent during that period. About 18 women die each day from these painkiller drugs.

Most of these women never intended to abuse their substance at all. The majority start taking opioids under a doctor’s care. This use spins out of control within a matter of weeks, leaving them needing prescription opioid rehab for women.

Women use more prescription opioids than men. Many experts believe this comes from the higher likelihood of women to experience chronic pain versus men. Women also gain prescriptions for higher doses than men, although most women need a lower dose. Finally, females get these prescriptions from doctors for more extended periods of time than males.

The biggest problem for women being prescribed higher doses of opioids for longer periods than men is that women become addicted more quickly than men. Consequently, misunderstanding of how to provide these prescriptions and doses leads women to opioid addiction. Sadly, too few of these women gain the help they need from a womens opioid addiction rehab program.

Why Female-Only Programs Help

In Jacksonville, Florida Beaches Recovery provides an inviting, comforting atmosphere for prescription opioid rehab for women. This womens opioid addiction rehab program offers gender-specific housing with your female peers. As a result, you receive support from other women traveling a similar life path.

Treatment at Beaches Recovery also provides gender-specific therapies. This means you do not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable getting to the root of some of your problems. Whether you suffer trauma, past abuse, domestic issues, relationship struggles or codependency, an all-female environment helps you stay focused. Therefore you achieve more goals and heal better in rehab.

The goals of Beaches Recovery include achieving emotional and spiritual growth. This means you leave rehab feeling more complete than ever before. You accomplish this progress through a safe, kind environment of women. At the same time, you gain fulfillment from supporting others in their journeys.

In a womens opioid addiction rehab program and therapies, you feel safe addressing your personal trauma, sexual abuse, body image problems, and grief. You relax knowing no judgment exists. As a result of this calm, loving approach, you dig deeper into issues for better recovery than in mixed gender therapies and programs.

Prescription Opioid Rehab for Women in Jacksonville

At Beaches Recovery, you gain female-specific treatment. You also get an individualized treatment plan that goes beyond your gender differences. This plan considers your unique path to prescription opioid rehab for women. Additionally, it recognizes what you need for your healthiest possible future.

In many ways, treatment at Beaches Recovery provides prescription painkiller rehab for individuals. No stereotypes exist at Beaches Recovery. Through upscale comforts and quality programs, you gain a fresh start in Jacksonville. You also gain a better understanding of the individual woman you are, one unlike any other.

The programs at Beaches Recovery include extended care, residential, inpatient and partial hospitalization programs. Also offered are intensive outpatient rehab treatment. Your rehab starts with detox at Beaches’ detoxification facility, Tides Edge.

After treatment, you do not leave without support. Instead, you have many options for continued support, such as transitional living, sober living, and aftercare programs. In these programs, you continue the progress you made in rehab. You also gain support from others finding their way in sobriety in the real world, just like you.

Florida drug and alcohol treatment at Beaches Recovery include:

You can recover from your addiction in the personal safety and acceptance of other women. Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, FL provides the prescription opioid rehab for women you need, to end the vicious addiction cycle in your life. So call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532 to learn more about women’s rehab.