12 step in jacksonville group holding hands in circleWhile looking for treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, you should definitely try to find a facility that’s accredited with 12 step in Jacksonville options. Accreditation in the realm of addiction treatment means that you can rest assured that you’re getting the best treatment possible.

Many of those struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction don’t have many chances to try to get sober, so you can improve your chances by going to an accredited 12 step in Jacksonville. First, however, you should understand what accreditation means and why it’s so important.

What is Beneficial about 12 Step in Jacksonville Accreditation?

Accreditation is given to treatment facilities that use methods that have been proven by medical science to help those who struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. There are many different treatment facilities around the country that use methods they claim work, but there may not be evidence to back up their statements. Accredited facilities, like a 12 step in Jacksonville, are able to accept different insurance policies because insurance companies want to work with a facility that has methods that show high success rates.

What if I Don’t Believe in 12 Step in Jacksonville?

When you’re stuck in the cycle of drinking or using, your perception of the world is off. When you’re struggling with addiction, he believes that you know what’s best. In reality, the way you’re thinking has kept you in the same cycle.

The common misconception about 12 step programs for addiction is that they are religious, but this isn’t the case. Whether the program is Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, these are spiritually-based programs. There is a clear difference between religion and spirituality. In fact, spirituality is about acknowledging that you’re not in control. The 12 steps make clear that each person is able to have a higher power of his or her own understanding, which can be something as simple as the universe we all live in.

Why a 12 Step in Jacksonville?

Alcohol and drug abuse baffled medical science until the 1930s when Alcoholics Anonymous was born. It wasn’t until Bill W. and Dr. Bob created the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous that people were actually able to get sober and actually stay sober. Back then, three to six months was a substantial amount of time, but now we see people who have been sober for decades by working the AA program. Within 20 years of the conception of AA, Narcotics Anonymous was founded for people addicted to drugs.

Evidence-Based Treatment at a 12 Step in Jacksonville

Even if you don’t believe in 12 step programs going into treatment, you can believe in the success rates and scientific evidence. These 12 step programs have been acknowledged by medical professionals as a treatment method that works.

The best part about being introduced to these programs is that they are an excellent form of aftercare. Addiction treatment at a 12 step in Jacksonville is meant to help you build a foundation of recovery. You’ll gain an understand of how these programs work, but the real work begins once you leave.

Beaches Recovery helps people from Jacksonville, Florida, to the state of California, and 12 step programs are an essential part of that help. The biggest benefit is that there are meetings all around the country, so even if you return home after treatment, you’ll be able to find meetings to continue to strengthen your recovery.

Addiction Treatment at Beaches Recovery

12 step in Jacksonville can be combined with other addiction treatment programs at Beaches Recovery. Contact us to ask about combining the 12 steps with the following programs:

Resolve to end your addiction today. If you’re ready to take the courageous first step toward getting sober, call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532. You’ll find professional and peer support to last a lifetime.