Depressed woman against wall needs dual diagnosis treatment centers Florida for help.There is nothing enjoyable about being caught in the cycle of addiction. Addiction is a disease that left untreated, can lead to prison, insanity or death. Could it get any worse? The answer is yes. Some people find themselves dealing with an addiction with mental issues as a contributing factor. When this happens, dual diagnosis treatment centers in Florida are here to help.

About Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Until the early 1990s, patients with mental and addiction issues were treated separately for the two afflictions. Counselors and medical doctors dealt with the addiction issues while psychologists attended to the mental health issues. In the 1990s, a number of clinicians began to realize that some patients became addiction sufferers due in part to their mental issues. They further assumed that treating the mental health issues would decrease substance abuse.

With this revelation, it became quite apparent that both afflictions should be treated simultaneously by the same attending physicians/counselors/psychologists. Using a cause and effect model, it has become increasingly easier to deal with the addiction when the mental health issues are included in treatment. This revelation has led to the development of dual diagnosis treatment centers Florida and throughout the world.

Imagine for a moment that you suffer from schizophrenia or a bipolar disorder. If you compounded your problems with an addiction to painkillers or alcohol, can you even begin to imagine the disarray that would develop in your life? Without the right mental capacity, how can you identify you have an addiction? Likewise, how would you know you suffer from mental problems if your addiction masks your behavior?

Dual Diagnosis treatment is still a relatively new concept. With that said, we are seeing more dual diagnosis treatment centers Florida popping up every day. In fact, dual diagnosis treatment is increasing in popularity all over the United States.

How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Works

At dual diagnosis treatment centers in Florida, clinicians are now securing the training necessary to deal with both addiction and psychological issues on a continuum. The key to giving the proper treatment rests on the clinician’s ability to diagnose dual issues and get patients to recognize and admit they suffer from such issues.

As a patient, you or your loved one will want to be open to dealing with both issues at the same time. Neglecting one issue or the other is a surefire way to guarantee one relapse after another, especially if the mental issues are creating the excuse to abuse substances. By cooperating on both fronts, you can simultaneously relieve yourself of a lot of life-long problems.

As far as treating co-occurring disorders, it takes a lot of time and patience. While counseling is going on related to the addiction, another practitioner might be working diligently to develop a medicinal regimen that will help with the mental issues. They do this with input from the addiction counselor or clinician. As you see, it’s a tenuous process to prescribe medications to a patient who is suffering from an addiction to drugs.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers in Florida – Beaches Recovery

At our Beaches Recovery, a dual diagnosis treatment center in Jacksonville, Florida, we have the ability to offer dual diagnosis treatment, as well as a variety of other treatment options. As one of the top dual diagnosis treatment centers Florida offers, we have trained clinicians who have much experience dealing with patients who have both an addiction and mental health issues. Other services we offer include:

If you deal with a dual diagnosis issue that includes addiction, reach out to us for help today. Call Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532. We are prepared to assess your specific problems. Then we provide a tailored plan for recovery. Move toward a better state of mental health as well as recovery from your addiction.