Alcohol and drug addictions can severely damage the foundations of relationships. Spouses with substance use disorder usually hurt their partners the most. However, couples addiction therapy can help both parties overcome this family disease and mend their relationship. Therapists can even use different techniques depending on each couple’s needs.

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How Addiction Affects Relationships

Faceless couple on couch talking to therapist during couples addiction therapyAddiction has a wide-reaching impact on those who use drugs and the people around them. While it causes damage to all family members, friends, and coworkers, partners tend to get the brunt of it.

For starters, substance abuse can provoke or create physical, mental, and social disorders. Because of that, home life can be chaotic and, sometimes, dangerous for those who live with it. When partners confront their spouses about the problem, for instance, the spouses often become angry or try to hide it. Arguments can turn violent quickly.

However, accommodating the spouses to avoid conflict only makes the problem worse. Some partners or other family members enable the behavior by covering for the spouse’s neglected obligations. Then, a relationship codependency develops with the troubled spouse relying on their partner for support. This could lead to social isolation for the couple.

Also, health problems could arise for everyone in the household because of the increased burden that they take on. The need to satisfy cravings causes financial trouble too because spouses spend too much on drugs and may lose jobs. They might pawn or sell valuable items to pay for their habit as well.

How Couples Addiction Therapy Can Help

A mutual commitment to getting treatment begins the healing process for couples who deal with addiction. Through couples addiction therapy, they work together to overcome their problems and establish mutual support. Addiction counseling also helps them make positive changes in many ways.

One of the most effective parts of therapy is that it teaches spouses that their partners need support too. During general addiction treatment, the focus tends to be on dealing with the addiction. For that reason, relationship problems sit on the sideline. Couples counseling, though, works on these issues and provides partners with support while the couples develop a new relationship without drugs or alcohol.

Correcting enabling behaviors is another effective part of couples addiction therapy. These behaviors include actions that allow spouses to continue abusing drugs. In most cases, partners don’t intend to enable addiction. Therapists can help both parties recognize these enabling actions so that they can work together to stop them.

Emotional stress is also typical in relationships where a spouse has an addiction. The spouse may use more drugs to cope with relationship problems. Meanwhile, sober partners might focus on their spouse as being the problem instead of acknowledging relationships issues. The presence of other mental health disorders only worsens the emotional stress.

Counseling helps couples work through emotional problems that arise from their relationship issues. Therapists teach them healthy methods to address these elements. At the same time, couples addiction therapy helps them identify and solve addiction-related problems. These could be financial, health, or even legal issues.

Couples Therapy Techniques

Therapists have a range of techniques at their disposal to help couples deal with addiction and repair their relationships. Experts have broken them down into general, addiction-focused, and family approaches.

However, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most popular general technique. For couples, it aims to improve interpersonal interactions. Also, it helps people change negative thoughts that lead to negative behaviors and emotions. CBT is popular because it often produces faster results than other forms of counseling.

Extensive Therapy Options With Couples Addiction Therapy in Florida

Does your spouse have a substance use disorder? Are you both ready to get help? Beaches Recovery offers a range of counseling options for couples, including:

  • CBT: Cognitive behavioral therapy is an excellent treatment option for couples who want to work on relationship issues. CBT can help you both identify and change negative patterns of behavior.
  • Anger management: Our anger management counseling can teach you both how to manage your emotions and resolve conflict in a healthy way.
  • Family therapy: Family therapy can help heal the wounds that addiction has inflicted on your family. In family therapy, you will learn how to communicate effectively, set boundaries, and rebuild relationships.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy is a good way to meet other couples who are also struggling with addiction. In group therapy, you will share your experiences and learn from others who are going through similar challenges.
  • Trauma therapy: If you or your spouse has experienced trauma, Beaches Recovery can help. Our trauma therapy program will help you both heal the wounds of the past and build a foundation for a healthy future.

In addition, we have an extensive list of holistic services such as art, music, fitness, equine, and ropes course therapies. Beaches Recovery takes the time to understand your spouse’s specific needs and create a treatment plan with the appropriate services. We can ensure that he or she gets the full spectrum of care from detox to aftercare.

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