Walk into any bar today, and you can find at least one person who says they are drowning their sorrows. People who abuse drugs also often admit they seek to numb their pain or escape from reality. These statements hold a deeper meaning. They mean the person drinking or using drugs may need mental health treatment.

About half of the Americans who drink too much or abuse drugs do so to self-medicate mental health problems. Depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder and ADHD provide a short list of some of these problems. The actual list of co occurring disorders with addiction is lengthy. Maybe you need mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment for that reason.

About Mental Health Treatment and Addiction

Man looking down needs mental health treatment and addiction recoveryProblems with mental health and addiction naturally go together. At first, you drink or abuse drugs to feel better. You temporarily find relief from your mental health symptoms. But soon, the drugs or alcohol stop helping you feel better. Instead, you slide downward into a new problem, addiction.

When you need mental health treatment and addiction treatment at the same time, experts call this a dual diagnosis disorder. They also call it a co-occurring condition. The two conditions intertwine, making it very important to get treatment for both at the same time. Without dual diagnosis treatment, one untreated condition causes the other to relapse.

Mental health treatment you receive in a dual diagnosis treatment program include:

Mental health treatment in rehab must meet your individual needs. Through a tailored program you have the best chance of successful recovery. The good news is that you can gain lasting recovery with the right help, the help you receive from a dual diagnosis treatment program.

Treatment Professionals Now Understand Dual Diagnosis Needs

Almost unbelievably, treatment professionals and medical doctors had no clear understanding of co-occurring conditions until the 1980s. Before that time, doctors tried to determine which problem came first, the mental health issue or the substance abuse. Now treatment professionals know that which problem came first holds no importance. You must receive treatment for both at the same time.

Since the 1980s, mental health experts started focusing on dual diagnosis treatment methods. They noted which therapies work best for successful recovery of both problems. In the 1990s, addiction treatment programs began using these treatment methods and recording greater success for people in recovery.

Still, no one knows whether mental illness comes first, or addiction starts this chain reaction. Problems with mental health and addiction share the same roots and symptoms. Many people do not realize they have mental illness in addition to their addiction. But finding out you have a dual diagnosis opens new doors to a better life.

It is in detox or rehab that you find out the exact nature and extent of your two problems. During this time your body cleans the substances you long abused out of your body. Only through sobriety can your symptoms of mental illness clearly define themselves.

Some people know about their mental illness before abusing drugs or alcohol. Others never saw symptoms at all. Many others believe addiction to be their only problem until they gain sobriety and realize specific symptoms remain. Regardless of when you learn about your mental health and addiction conditions, getting the treatment you need finally helps you achieve a real chance of lasting recovery.

Full Range of Therapies for Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Florida

In Florida, Beaches Recovery provides dual diagnosis treatment you need for real, lasting recovery. This treatment takes place in the sunny, upscale Beaches Recovery facilities in Jacksonville. The programs at Beaches Recovery include:

You can have the future you want. You just need the right treatment for both of your conditions. Get the mental health treatment and addiction rehab you need together at Beaches Recovery. Call Beaches Recovery now at 866.605.0532.