Woman meditating on beach participating in holistic drug therapyGone are the days when therapists treated all addiction patients with a standard treatment program. Through the use of science and psychology, clinicians have been able to devise a broader base of treatment options. Today, we find a number of treatment modalities built around popular concepts like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing (MI), motivational enhancement therapy (MET). We have also seen a significant move towards the use of holistic drug therapy.

What is Holistic Drug Therapy?

In recent years, Americans have become more health-minded. They are placing a greater amount of focus on having a healthy mind and body. In the outside world, we see people enjoying yoga classes, meditation classes, and acupuncture sessions. They also put more work into eating a well-established, nutritional diet.

It makes sense that such a holistic approach to health might be useful in an addiction treatment environment. These are places where the patients need something to help bring balance to their mind and body. They need something to bring balance back to their lives. It’s unlikely that holistic drug therapy will ever replace standard forms of addiction treatment, but both approaches work well together.

How Patients Can Benefit From Holistic Drug Therapy

Drug addiction takes a heavy toll on the addict. They come into rehab with ravaged bodies and unhealthy thought patterns. The first thing patients need is a good detox process. They need the time to release all the poisons drugs have left in their body. It’s a cleansing of sorts.

After detox, patients need therapy. They need to learn more about their addiction in order to understand why they do what they do. It’s during this time that holistic treatment experts can go to work. First, the body needs strength. A good holistic nutritional program is just what the doctor ordered. With a well-balanced diet, the body will gain strength and rejuvenation.

The Best Recovery Treats the Mind, Body, and Spirit

At the same time, patients have much going on in their minds. Their thinking may be skewed because of the wreckage of addiction. There are several ways a holistic therapist can approach this problem. First, recovering addicts could reap great benefits if they were able to simply relax and enjoy the world around them. Yoga and meditation therapy could fit that bill. Both of these options would give a patient the chance to take their mind off their problems. Then, they could better focus on finding a peaceful existence.

We can’t write about all the options, but there are many other holistic treatment options available. The good news is that any number of them would work well in a holistic drug rehab environment. Here’s a short list of holistic treatment options that might help patients relax and develop other interests:

  • Art therapy
  • Music appreciation therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Exercise and recreational therapy
  • Writing therapy

Remember, none of these options is ready for prime-time. Therapists still prefer to use them in conjunction with standard treatment modalities. It’s also worth noting that not all patients show interest in auxiliary treatment options, and that’s okay.

Holistic Drug Therapy at Beaches Recovery

At Beaches Recovery facility in Jacksonville, Florida, we like to employ a progressive approach to addiction treatment. With this in mind, we offer a full slate of treatment options. Yes, many of our counselors have the training necessary to provide a holistic approach to treatment. This works very well within our charter to offer custom treatment plans for each patient. Overall, we offer our programs through one of the following options:

If you have been avoiding treatment because of anxiety, you might be a great candidate for holistic drug therapy. There’s no quality of life with an addiction. At Beaches Recovery, we hope our progressive treatment model will entice you to seek help. When you are ready, you can pick up the phone and call us at 866.605.0532.