Bearded man gazing out window of a heroin detox center.While opioid abuse is grabbing all the headlines, heroin abuse continues to be a serious problem in America. It’s nothing new. People have been abusing heroin for decades now. However, we have learned a great deal about the treatment of heroin addiction. As part of the treatment process, we have certainly learned the importance of a heroin detox center when it comes time for the addict to shake loose from the chains that bind.

The Attraction and Downfall of Heroin

Used as a recreational substance, heroin acts as a friend to its users, at first. As is the case with most opiate-based substances, it brings about a certain feeling of euphoria and at times, peacefulness. Of course, it’s all a facade.

What the unsuspecting user soon discovers is they begin to crave those wonderful feelings. The cravings inspire them to use heroin more often and in larger doses. When the body and mind become convinced they can’t function without it, heroin addiction becomes the master. Addiction is an illness by definition. Doctors can never cure it. The good news is they can help patients arrest the illness, laying it dormant forever if relapse doesn’t occur.

The Value of a Heroin Detox Center

Heroin addiction is among the most serious addictions known to man. Any attempts by the addicted person to suddenly stop taking this menacing drug will result in severe withdrawal symptoms. Heroin withdrawal symptoms can range from irritability, depression, and agitation all the way up to serious issues like severe muscle cramps, hallucinations, irregular breathing and cardiac issues. It’s never pleasant to face these types of heroin withdrawal symptoms.

The value of a good heroin detox center can be found in its ability to help minimize the amount of suffering and stress a patient goes through during withdrawal. At Beaches Recovery detox at Tides Edge, our clinicians and medical professionals are on hand to assure patients can go through withdrawal in a safe and secure environment. If the patient begins to show signs of pain or insomnia, medical professionals offer appropriate medications to help ease those concerns. At all times, the patient is kept under close surveillance until their mind and body are free of heroin, withdrawal symptoms, and the residual harmful substances that could interfere with the treatment process.

After time in a heroin detox center, patients are better able to endure the rigors of addiction therapy. The additional value of having a heroin detox center, like ours, is that it provides the entire staff with continuity of treatment. In the end, the patient derives the most benefit from that.

More About Beaches Recovery

We are proud of our heroin detox center. We are equally proud of the fact we hold a place as one of the premier treatment facilities in Florida. Through our collective years of experience, we have come to realize that patients are unique individuals. Over time, we have developed the ability to customize treatment plans that address the uniqueness of each patient. We are Joint Commission accredited, accept most insurances, and have as many as 30 beds for residential treatment. For the benefit of our patients, our counselors develop treatment plans around one of the following options:

If you or a loved one find yourselves lost in the cycle of heroin addiction, you still have plenty of room for hope. If you can step forward and admit you have an illness and ask for help, you will find Beaches Recovery is ready to provide that addiction help.

You can start the process by picking up the phone and calling us at 866.605.0532. The road to recovery is long, but you don’t have to travel it alone. From detox to treatment, to aftercare, we can help you find a better way of living without the need to abuse substances like heroin.