Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate. Some people, cultures, and lifestyles suffer a higher percentage of addiction problems, with these people being more at risk. The LGBTQ+ community is one such group. If you find yourself struggling with addiction, an LGBTQ+ addiction treatment center in Florida can help.

Why the LGBTQ+ Community Suffers High Rates of Addiction

Young woman looking away from lgbtq+ addiction treatment center in FloridaHigh rates of addiction occur in the LGBTQ+ community because mental health disorders also hit this group of people hard. Mental health problems of depression, anxiety, and other conditions affect them because they also suffer a high rate of rejection, abuse, ostracism, and discrimination. This discrimination takes place even within their own homes.

If you or someone you love identify as part of the queer community and suffer addiction, you need help from an LGBTQ+ addiction treatment center in Florida. These LGBTQ+ addiction treatment programs specially created for your community, give you the safety, security, focus, and treatment you need.

A great deal of research shows a definite link between increased drug or alcohol dependence and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning community. This link shows increased drug and alcohol risk for this demographic. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) supports this research through their own findings.

Even worse, people in this community start abusing substances at a much younger age than the general population. In fact, this substance abuse occurs twice more often than among heterosexual peers. One-third of people in this group also attempt or consider suicide in adolescence, so their drug abuse makes these problems worse.

How an LGBTQ+ Addiction Treatment Center in Florida Helps

An LGBTQ+ addiction treatment center in Florida understands your struggles, fears, and stigmas. At this type of facility, you also gain an understanding of why you suffer your addiction and how to help yourself break free of substance abuse and addiction. Once you have that freedom, you can start your life anew.

At an LGBTQ+ addiction treatment center in Florida, you also learn how to love yourself. You work past self-loathing, society pressures and the isolation you felt for as long as you can remember. In a dual diagnosis LGBTQ+ addiction treatment program you also focus on recovering from your co-occurring conditions of mental illness, such as depression and anxiety.

A high-quality LGBTQ+ addiction treatment center in Florida provides a complete spectrum of care, from detox through rehab and into aftercare. Accredited LGBTQ+ addiction treatment at Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville includes:

Through these therapies and treatment methods at Beaches Recovery, you start a new life. You also get a fresh start, one providing you with the self-esteem, productivity, fulfillment, dignity, and happiness you never experienced before. At Beaches Recovery’s LGBTQ+ rehab center in Florida, you achieve strong recovery for a brighter future.

How Do I Start My LGBTQ+ Addiction Treatment?

Getting started in your LGBTQ+ addiction treatment at Beaches Recovery is simple. Your first step of calling Beaches Recovery connects you with people who understand your needs and support you in your decision to get treatment. During this call, you start learning about the treatment programs, therapies, and environment of Beaches Recovery.

Also during your call, you start your addiction assessment process. This assessment leads to the development of your individualized treatment plan. You learn about your possible co-occurring conditions of mental illness. You get to know how to start treatment at one of the top dual diagnosis treatment centers Florida trusts, Beaches Recovery.

For yourself or your loved one needing help from an LGBTQ+ addiction treatment center in Florida, call Beaches Recovery today at 866.605.0532. This one call opens many welcoming doors for you. So call now.