Everyone’s story is unique. Nonetheless, many groups find that they have a lot in common, and they want support from people who understand their point of view. At Beaches Recovery, LGBTQ rehab programs provide support and targeted therapy for clients. Whether you belong to the LGBTQ community or you’re an ally, find out what kind of help is available in addiction treatment.

Exploring Common Causes for Addiction Development

people participate in group therapy as part of LGBTQ rehab programsIt is important not to generalize about any group of people. Nonetheless, many addictions begin in the same way. For many members of the LGBTQ community, substance abuse is a way to deal with societal pressures, feelings of guilt, or isolation from friends and family. This is a damaging experience and one that can shape a person for years to come.

Knowing this, targeted treatment for LGBTQ individuals can explore these specific underlying issues. Sometimes, clients can identify with the narrative. In other cases, clients have their own personal history that helps to explain the development of addiction. Ultimately, having an open mind and the willingness to dig a little deeper can be crucial for effective and lasting addiction treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Options

When clients struggle with two different disorders at the same time, it is known as having co-occurring disorders. Often, mental health disorders appear when a client struggles with addiction. This can happen because a prior mental health condition led to substance abuse, but the opposite can also be true. Sometimes, a client begins to experience symptoms of depression or anxiety as a result of a drug or alcohol addiction.

Dual diagnosis treats both co-occurring disorders at the same time. Simultaneous therapy is the best approach to avoid relapse. This is especially true for those in the LGBTQ community since mental health disorders historically go undiagnosed and untreated.

Avoiding Isolation and Loneliness

No one deserves to feel lonely during addiction treatment. Unfortunately, some clients don’t feel like they are supported or included in certain environments. For that reason, LGBTQ rehab programs can be ideal. Right off the bat, participants know that they are accepted and welcomed into the group.

If you’re looking for the kind of LGBTQ addiction treatment Florida can offer, then you’ll likely come across Beaches Recovery. At Beaches Recovery, the environment is completely inclusive. Whatever walk of life or background you have, you can expect us to welcome you with open arms. No one needs to fear isolation or loneliness when on the road to recovery.

Getting Peer Support That Can Last a Lifetime

Attending LGBTQ rehab programs is also the perfect way to find meaningful and helpful peer support. Overcoming addiction on your own is hard, and no one should have to go at it alone. Fortunately, programs with an emphasis on community encourage peer connections. In group therapy and social settings, clients can share experiences, offer feedback, and learn from one another.

Not only does this improve communication skills, but it also sets the stage for long-term recovery. After rehab ends, clients shouldn’t go back to feeling alone. Instead, they can rely on the bonds that they form during rehab. It is easier to stay connected if you have a lot in common, and many in the LGBTQ rehab community find that to be true.

Relapse Prevention Planning

Relapse is a serious and ongoing risk for anyone, even those who complete addiction treatment and have a plan for the future. Unfortunately, the risk of relapse is especially high for those in the LGBTQ community who face extra stress or discrimination after rehab ends. That’s why many inclusive LGBTQ rehab programs emphasize relapse prevention planning.

LGBTQ Rehab Programs at Beaches Recovery

Whatever your sexual preference, you deserve quality care. At Beaches Recovery, you can overcome addiction with support, resources, and community. To achieve your goals of sobriety, you can participate in a wide range of treatments and therapies that include the following:

LGBTQ rehab programs might be the right fit for you on the road to recovery. At Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville, Florida, you can enjoy an inclusive environment, peer support, and a plan for lifelong sobriety. Take back control over your life today by calling 866.605.0532.