Group of young people on beach enjoying Florida sober living.After submitting to both detox and a full addiction treatment program, you may be wondering what comes next. It’s reasonable for you to feel a little nervous about heading back out into the world without your crutch of drugs and/or alcohol to support you. First and foremost, you have to trust the treatment process. There’s a reasonable chance you now have the coping skills you need to stay sober. If there are any remaining doubts in your mind, you might want to consider Florida sober living.

Staying Sober Through Florida Sober Living

Florida sober living is much more than a catchphrase. It’s a way of living. It’s the way you need to live the rest of your life. To help guide you on this new adventure, top alcohol and drug treatment centers like Beaches Recovery will provide you with access to sober living homes. A sober living home is a facility that allows you to interact with other recovering patients while you all collectively test what you have learned in treatment.

About Florida Sober Living Homes

It’s not uncommon to see recovering addicts and professional drug counselors operating a Florida sober living facility. Who better to help one addict than another recovering addict? When you enter a sober living home, you will immediately become responsible for following house rules, number one of which is staying sober. Sober living counselors design these house rules to help bring some form of structure to your life. By the way, you might want to consider using a Florida sober living home if it’s in close proximity to the Florida-based rehab you attended.

The most important rule you will have to follow is no drugs and/or alcohol. Any infraction will usually end with you being immediately dismissed from the facility. This is necessary because your actions stand to threaten the welfare of the other residents, who are trying to stay sober.

Beyond that, they will most likely require you to get a job. Employment is a key component of recovery. The sooner you can get back on your feet and start living a normal life, the better. In all likelihood, they will also assign certain tasks and responsibilities around the home. This is communal style living situation and everyone is required to pull their own weight.

When you feel better and seem to be assimilating back into life, they will set you free to fly as you will. You will still have support groups and mechanisms to guide you, but you should be able to use the coping skills for recovery you have learned.

What to Expect at Beaches Recovery

Since Beaches Recovery of Jacksonville, Florida has a viable solution for your addiction issues, we want you to understand our methodology. From our detox services to our top-notch aftercare programs, we always focus on the patient’s specific needs. We accomplish this by tailoring each treatment plan, using treatment options from the following list:

As a premier treatment facility, we have always had a high degree of success treating patients using this very approach.

No matter how long you have been struggling with your addiction, it’s not something you need to keep doing. If you can summon the strength to admit you are powerless over drugs and/or alcohol, you will find that the best counselors and clinicians at our Beaches Recovery facility are ready to begin working with you on the road to recovery. Our phone number is 866.605.0532. By making this call, you will find the best years of your life are still ahead of you.