During the late 70’s and early 80’s, cocaine was America’s favorite party drug. It was a time when the drug’s main benefit, energy, was compatible with a generation of people who wanted to go! Not much has changed in over 35 years. People still use cocaine to help burn the candle at both ends. Also, the drug features the same set of withdrawal symptoms. What experts have changed over the years is how they administer a cocaine withdrawal treatment program. Here’s a peek into the world of cocaine detox.

The Signs of Cocaine Withdrawal

Angry man talking to counselor surely needs a cocaine withdrawal treatment programIt would be a mistake to underestimate the risk associated with cocaine withdrawal symptoms. An addiction to cocaine has a profound effect on the user’s body. When the user finally decides to stop using, the body reacts, sometimes violently. The depth of the user’s addiction will go a long way towards determining the severity of the user’s withdrawal symptoms.

In the early stages of withdrawal, the user can expect minor symptoms to appear. This includes symptoms such as an increase in appetite, exhaustion, irritability, anxiety and a desire for more sleep. Experts refer to this stage of withdrawal as the “crash.” By the second day, the body raises the ante. The user might experience nausea, vomiting, an inability to concentrate and muscle spasms. It’s worth noting that some of these symptoms can last for weeks, even months.

Once the user clears the most severe withdrawal symptoms, they should start feeling a little better. However, they should remain cautious. The body is not going to be a healthy body. It’s will take time for the healing process to repair the damage.

About Cocaine Withdrawal Treatment

Most doctors recommend that cocaine users not try to stop using cocaine without help. Besides for physical symptoms, cocaine leaves psychological scars that must also be addressed. There are just too many health risks. Instead, doctors usually recommend that people seek help from a professional cocaine withdrawal treatment program. It’s a far better choice, given the nature of cocaine use and abuse.

In a licensed detox center like Tides Edge at Beaches Recovery, clinicians interview incoming patients to understand each patient’s addiction history. From the information they gather, it’s easier to determine how much intervention a particular patient might need during detox. For the most part, clinicians prefer that patients go through withdrawal as naturally as possible. That’s the best way to get through cocaine withdrawal treatment. During cocaine withdrawal, talk addiction therapy is employed to help with psychological dependence. However, the staff will keep a close eye on each patient’s cocaine withdrawal treatment progress. Should the patient show signs of distress, the medical staff will be there to prescribe the appropriate intervention and medication.

During the cocaine withdrawal treatment process, the detox staff will also be looking at ways to improve each patient’s overall health. They will typically implement a nutrition and exercise plan to help bring the patient’s body and mind back to life. As the patient’s mind and body clear, the patient should be able to focus on the therapy process. Remember, a good cocaine withdrawal treatment program is a great way to start recovery.

Tides Edge–A Premier Cocaine Withdrawal Treatment Program

Tides Edge detox is a premier detox facility in Jacksonville, Florida. The facility operates under the ownership of Beaches Recovery. Along with the detox option and aftercare programs, Beaches Recovery also offers addiction therapy. We administer treatment through custom plans we develop for each patient. Here’s a short list of what’s available:

When cocaine has outlived its usefulness in your life, you are left with nothing but an addiction. There’s no need to worry. If you want help, Beaches Recovery can make that help available. From cocaine withdrawal treatment through aftercare, we will devote our services towards your recovery. You can begin this whole process by picking up the phone and calling us at 866.605.0532. From that point on, it will be just a matter of time before you can get control of your best life.