It’s alarming to note just how many addiction sufferers aren’t willing to reach out for help. For a variety of reasons, some of them just don’t want help. They are willing to ride the wave of addiction to the depths of despair. We target those who want help but can’t figure out how to quit using drugs or drinking alcohol. The truth is drug abuse recovery is available for anyone who is able and willing to admit they have an addiction and need help.

The Drug Abuse Recovery ProcessYoung girls blank face on way to drug abuse recovery

As indicated above, drug abuse recovery is a process. It begins and ends with the addicted one. Many addiction sufferers need a profound event to motivate them to quit. It might be legal issues or a falling out with significant people in their lives. In some cases, it might be something as serious as a drug overdose or death of a fellow user. Whatever it takes, we can be grateful that something finally motivates them to seek help.

For a smaller group of people, the recovery process starts when they get sick and tired of the cycle of addiction. They wake up dreading the vicious cycle of finding and using drugs, only to feel horrible when the “high” is gone. These people might delay starting the recovery process, because they don’t know where to start, but they do have the advantage of wanting help.

Once the individual comes to grips with their addiction, they have to decide how and where to get help. Drug addiction is a complicated issue. That’s why “cold turkey” and alternative treatment methods often fail while reputable addiction centers succeed at helping patients find the road to addiction recovery.

Getting Help

An addicted person deserves the best addiction treatment possible. They might have to look outside their local neighborhoods, but there are always viable options available. As an example, Florida has a great reputation for being the rehab capital of the world. Facilities like Beaches Recovery in Jacksonville have gained a stellar reputation for understanding the individual needs of its patients. Noting the region’s reputation in the addiction treatment industry, it would be prudent for any prospective patient to at least consider a Florida facility.

Beyond location, someone looking for the best possible treatment should focus on the task at hand. That task should be nothing less than a full recovery from their addiction. While traditional treatment methods still exist, more and more top-level treatment centers are shifting their focus toward providing individualized care and multiple treatment options.

Many of these treatment centers are also expanding operations to include the full spectrum of treatment, which includes detox, therapy, and aftercare. Combined, these treatment components offer a high-level of treatment continuity. The benefits of such continuity are invaluable as part of the drug abuse recovery process.

The Treatment Scope at Beaches Recovery

Beaches Recovery is a full-service drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. We focus on individualized care that includes a custom approach to therapy. When necessary, we prescribe a detox program for patients who need help cleansing their bodies of the toxins found in drugs and alcohol.

With a clear mind and body, we find our patients are better able to focus on and commit to drug abuse recovery. We build the therapy process around various treatment options. Just a few of those options include inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and dual diagnosis treatment. Other facts about our facility include:

Are you addicted to drugs or alcohol, and not sure how to start the drug abuse recovery process? We strongly encourage you to contact Beaches Recovery at 866.605.0532. By doing so, you put yourself in a position where recovery becomes a real possibility. You don’t have to live your life caught in an addiction. Help is always available here.