It’s alarming to note how many people consider ecstasy to be a “feel-good” drug. Truthfully, all drugs feel good initially. However, that good feeling soon wears off, and nothing remains but a destructive addiction. That’s when people need to become aware of the ecstasy addiction signs. Failure to recognize these signs puts the users directly in harm’s ways.

Common Ecstasy Addiction Signs

Despairing man being consoled by counselor about his ecstasy addiction signsWhile many folks refer to ecstasy as the “party” drug, there’s nothing chic about the formation of an addiction. Like most addictions, an addiction to ecstasy is dangerous. It can have a profound effect on the user’s physical health and personal well-being. The best way to determine if someone has an addiction to ecstasy is by recognizing the ecstasy addiction signs.

The ecstasy addiction signs that people who use it embrace are a loss of inhibitions, heightened sexual arousal and an increase in alertness and energy. Of course, ecstasy abuse also leads to some rather unpleasant ecstasy addiction signs. The most common signs include:

  • An irregular heart-rate
  • Breathing issues
  • Tightness in mouth and jaw
  • A dangerous rise in body temperature
  • Lightheadedness
  • Muscle tension
  • Sudden mood changes

After factoring in possible withdrawal symptoms when one stops taking this substance, ecstasy loses its luster. At the end of the euphoria rainbow sits a list of problems people don’t want to encounter. Fortunately, the solution to ecstasy addiction is the same as it is with other addictions–professional treatment.

Treating Ecstasy Addiction Signs

In many cases, a person with an ecstasy addiction needs help with the detox process. The withdrawal symptoms that follow an ecstasy addiction are challenging for the user to endure. That’s why it’s always preferable for a patient to go through detox under the care of medical professionals. In a detox facility, the staff focuses on helping patients stay comfortable while the body’s toxins diminish. A good detox holds the key to a good start towards recovery.

After detox, a facility’s clinicians will place patients into a treatment program. In the best facilities, Beaches Recovery being one of them, patients get individualized care. That means a custom treatment plan that addresses the patient’s specific needs. The primary goal of counseling is arriving at the core reasons for the patient’s addiction. This isn’t an easy task, and it requires the patient to be open and honest with their counselors. When successful, the patient learns the truth about their addiction.

The patient also gets an opportunity to develop the coping skills they will need for relapse prevention. On the outside, temptations and triggers will always exist. A good set of coping skills is the best weapon to use when those cravings come a-calling. Without practiced coping skills, the treatment facility is likely to see returning patents, something no one wants.

Beaches Recovery Facility

Because of our reputation, patients have high expectation of our Beaches Recovery center. Proudly, we can meet those expectations right here in Jacksonville, Florida. We attribute much of our success to our treatment approach. We treat each patient as a unique individual. As for our most popular treatment programs, we offer the following:

If you or a loved one are showing ecstasy addiction signs, trouble is on the way. If you want to prevent getting stuck in the cycle of addiction, the time to get help is now. The first step towards recovery is an admission that you have no control over your illness. When you’re ready to reach out for help, Beaches Recovery will be here. With our help, you or your loved one have an excellent chance at a full recovery. The starting line is a phone call to our facility at 866.605.0532. The finish line comes when you get back to living a healthy life without drugs.