Maybe China has found another way to attack its enemies. If you haven’t heard about Flakka, you will soon find it to be a household name. Flakka is a designer drug imported from China. According to the latest Flakka drug facts, this is one for the ages. While the drug first appeared on the streets of Florida just a few years ago, it’s making its way west. After reading the information we are providing below, you will understand the diabolical nature of this drug.

Flakka Drug Facts

Flakka drug facts not explained by the picture of the drugThe newspapers call Flakka the zombie drug. They created this moniker because of some violent attacks made on Florida residents. The perpetrators had two things in common–they were high on Flakka, and they tried to eat their victims like zombies. On the streets, users also call the drug gravel.

Flakka has no natural ingredients. The main active ingredient is Pyrrolidinopentiophenone–otherwise known as a-PVP or alpha-PVP. After combining it with other synthetic substances, experts claim the drug is a souped-up version of cocaine. Experts also consider it to be like “second generation bath salts.” The first thing one will notice about this drug is its foul odor. Visually, it’s a white or pink powder. Like most illicit powder substances, people can inject, ingest, smoke and even vape this substance.

In the initial stages of use, users will experience a significant euphoria. They will have a tremendous amount of energy, bordering on hyperactivity. Flakka is very affordable, making it a favorite drug on the party scene and among college students.

Flakka Drug Facts – The Side Effects

Much of the following information comes in the form of drug abuse information from addiction experts. You will note that the news is quite scary.

The most important side effect that comes from abusing Flakka is an addiction. The drug is indeed highly addictive. After only a short time using this drug, users start needing and wanting more of the substance. The drug produces a super high that’s very difficult to come down from. Some people claim it could be days before the user returns to earth.

At its peak, this Flakka drug causes the user’s body temperature to rise to dangerously high levels. Over time, the user becomes susceptible to a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, or heart failure. This isn’t kids stuff. These are Flakka drug facts. Eventually, the user could start experiencing symptoms like hallucinations, paranoia, increased strength, and hyperstimulation. A normal sex drive could completely disappear as the user becomes increasingly irritable and angry. At the pinnacle, the user could become capable of the violent actions we mentioned above. The bottom line is this–Flakka could quickly become one of the most dangerous substances to ever hit the streets.

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