Keep taking these pills and you'll need to know the Xanax withdrawal timeline.Unlike opiates and other medications used for physical problems like pain, doctors prescribe a medication like Xanax for the treatment of psychological issues such as anxiety and panic disorders. One of the nuances related to psych medication addiction revolves around the amount of time that a user may experience withdrawal symptoms. Surprisingly, the Xanax withdrawal timeline could extend out for months. As alarming as this may sound, people can take some comfort in knowing it’s normal.

General Information About Xanax Withdrawal

After using Xanax for an extended period, it’s entirely possible the drug will lose its effectiveness. Whether the user is using the drug as a doctor prescribed it or illegally for recreational purposes, any cessation of taking the drug could begin the onslaught of Xanax withdrawal. There is no hard fast rule for the Xanax withdrawal timeline. An individual’s physiology, the dosage they have been taking and the length of time they have been using the drug will directly affect the length of a person’s individual Xanax withdrawal timeline.

There’s nothing particularly unusual about Xanax withdrawal symptoms. At the moderate end of the scale, one could expect to experience anxiety, irritation, and sleeping and eating issues. The more severe withdrawal symptoms would include convulsions, muscle cramping, nausea and vomiting, psychosis and heart problems. The most troubling part of the withdrawal process is the amount of time one might be suffering these withdrawal symptoms. It’s the Xanax withdrawal timeline that causes the most concern.

General Information About the Xanax Withdrawal Timeline

Beyond the concerns about a drug overdose, withdrawal symptoms are the biggest concern related to a general Xanax withdrawal timeline. For the best results, doctors recommend tapering down the use of Xanax as opposed to someone quitting cold turkey.

The acute phase of Xanax withdrawal will usually last a couple of weeks, up to a couple of months. Of course, individuals who have been using this medication for an extended period could face a longer period of withdrawal. Even the degree of discomfort might vary from one person to the next.

The only thing doctors seem to know for sure is, eventually, everyone will recover from Xanax withdrawal. Unfortunately, doctors can offer very little relief to the individuals who may suffer based on the protracted timeline. Sometimes, doctors may offer other medications, but each of those medications may have addictive characteristics. They may also cause problems of their own.

The Nuances of Getting Treatment for Xanax Addiction

Unlike many of the popular recreational drugs, people are abusing in the US, the treatment process for medications like Xanax requires a slightly different approach. First, a clinician at an addiction treatment facility like Beaches Recovery might ask a patient to go through Xanax detox. They do this knowing full well they will be addressing only the most immediate withdrawal symptoms. Counselors and clinicians also have to consider different approaches to treatment such as dual diagnosis treatment, to address the original mental condition. This might be necessary, considering doctors prescribing the use of Xanax usually indicates the existence of co-occurring disorders.

Treatment Options at Beaches Recovery

Upon entering Beaches Recovery treatment facility in Jacksonville, Florida, patients get the benefits of having top counselors These are counselors who treat them as individuals. Each of our staff members works hard to teach and train patients to understand and cope with their addictions. We achieve this by using one of the following treatment options:

As a long time Xanax user, you may be unaware of the challenges you face as you try to get the Xanax monkey off your back. Considering the dangers of using Xanax longer than necessary, you would be well-advised to seek our help getting past your addiction.

Make a simple call to Beaches Recovery facility at 8666050532. We will help you cope with and get past both your Xanax addiction and any Xanax withdrawal symptoms you may encounter along the way.