• Take this short quiz to help identify symptoms and warning signs of a current or potential problem with alcohol or other drugs. Answer true or false to the following statements. (Note: “Drug” refers to any mood-altering substance, including prescription medication.)
  • 0 Based on your responses to the quiz you do not appear to have a current problem with substance abuse. However, if you took this quiz because you are concerned about your use of alcohol or other drugs, you may want to learn more.

    1-2 Your score indicates that you have some symptoms associated with Substance Use Disorder. SUD is a progressive problem with potentially devastating consequences. You could benefit from learning more about substance abuse. You could also ask a trusted friend for an honest opinion about your drinking or drug use, attend a 12-Step Meeting, or by seeking a professional evaluation.

    3-4 Your score indicates that you are currently experiencing some symptoms and harmful consequences associated with SUD. You could benefit from learning more about yourself and SUD by seeking a professional assessment.

    5-10 Your score indicates that you have many symptoms of SUD. You should seek a professional consultation. Complete the information below to request a consultation.